True Spirituality

Many souls experiencing this very limited level of creation, on this small rock spinning thru space, have a misunderstanding of the word "Spirituality..." Many of those follow strict religious belief systems that trap them into specific attitudes of conditioned thinking and believing. These individuals are quick to judge others and set themselves above others. This is only the negative side of God trapping Itself in creation to keep the "drama afoot..." It's hard sometimes for us to understand this, because the One God that is Omnipresent has never been fully explained to us or even consciously experienced by most individuals. So lets take a journey to the worlds of the Supreme Being and what most souls (people) at this level can understand.

Spirituality simply means: Divine Love. When one begins to let go of Self and Self-Interests, one begins to experience a sense of Love for All Things, bad or good. This generally takes place within the individual when they "give up" or "surrender" to a "Higher Power." They've had some hard knocks, mentally, emotionally and/or physically. I see this a lot with many cancer clients or from those who had "near-death" experiences. Divine Love simply means a "Selfless" Love for All Things.

Because you have only yourself as the only Reality in your life, then it can be said that to understand God is simply to understand yourself. Before we take this journey into who YOU really are, let's look at the word "Omni-Presence," a word given and associated with the Supreme Being.

The term "Omni-Presence" simply means "in all places." There is nowhere IT (GOD) isn't! Of course, this means that ALL life, no matter where, is GOD! Being everywhere, in all places, at all times, then nothing can exist outside of God. This means that all things in creation are simply God manifesting Itself in untold amounts of individual shapes, sizes, colors and levels of consciousness or awareness, or as said: pieces of Itself. It was once said that if you take a large mirror and drop it, the mirror will shatter into many individual pieces. All these individual pieces are simply parts of the same, whole mirror, and so it is with God and Its' Creations.

If you think about it, this makes God able to have unlimited experiences. If you were the only thing that existed, you would also create the illusion of a multitude of things to do and experience within yourself, even though it's still only you. Sort of like your daydreams...where you constantly create new adventures. However, these adventures are not YOU. Yet they are only YOU!

As a youth most of us created many different experiences for ourselves to play with and have fun with. The same is true with the Supreme Being. God is forever creating untold experiences to entertain Itself. When you can see God in Everything and Everyone, this is True Spirituality.  This spirituality opens your experience to a much higher level of knowingness. Then joy, bliss and ecstasy become your experience! It's happiness like no other! A sense of freedom from all limitation and despair. Nothing matters any more except GOD and the joy of Life, Love & Beauty.

Like Rumi, Christ, Mohamed, Buddha, etc., try to begin to see all atoms of life as the individual pieces of the Supreme Being. This will bring an intense love for God and an understanding of why IT (God) has locked ITSELF into worlds of limitation, so it can have some fun and expression. Unfortunately duality is essential to ITS (Gods) experience. Without differences and separation, God becomes simply the ONE again. So IT (God) has to experience both sides of life. The positive and the negative, the love and the hate, the joy and the sorrow.

I know this might be hard for some to understand. Having hundreds of out of body experiences and working with true Spiritual Masters, has helped me tremendously to understand and experience this. Seeing and experiencing the higher heavens has opened my Heart and Being-ness to the beauty of all that is!

Let's take a little journey toward the Supreme Being and who YOU really are.

Our Journey starts with who YOU think YOU are right now!

Let's start with the obvious. Your physical body. The physical body is primarily made up of cells and fluids. This is a no-brainer. It's controlled by chemistry and magnetics (Energy-Physics). This body obviously is not an Infinite Being. It's very limited and responds to the Laws of Nature. However, the physical body is a very intelligent organism, which is subject to birth, life and death. Now if there is a Supreme Being, it wouldn't be subject to death, I wouldn't think.

Looking beyond our physical body, what else can we say about ourselves? How about Emotions? Very real, but not physical at all. We can't see them with our physical eyes but we sure can feel them. Feeling some material object with the physical body is obviously not like feeling with our emotions.

Years ago, Christopher Bird and Tom Tompkins wrote a book called "The Secret Life of Plants." In it, they described many experiments they conducted with plants to prove "plants had emotions and intelligence." Fascinating work so long ago; it opened many eyes to the fact that all Life at this level of creation has a physical body and an emotional body.

Robert Monroe was a gentleman who had traveled out of his physical body a great deal into what is called by many, the Astral world. This has become known as the Emotional world. We must have an Astral Body before we can get a Physical Body. There appears to be many levels to Creation which Jesus talks about: "In my father's mansion, there are many rooms." As a matter of fact, true spiritual masters, gurus, spiritual teachers and the like, journey out of their physical bodies into more expanded levels of creation, that exist beyond mans limited physical perceptions. My own experiences lead me to nightly and many times daily out-of-body travels to the many levels that one can experience. This brings a much different understanding of life and awareness to the question: "Is there a Supreme Being?"

It's easy to learn "out-of-body" traveling. I taught this for years alongside my health classes. This is the ultimate Experience, if you will, while still using a physical body. An adrenaline rush like no other. It can't be conceptualized by mans' limited physical senses. Mr. Monroe created a school where he uses music to assist you out of your physical body for an incredible journey into the Heavens of God.

In the Death of your physical body, you will be leaving your physical body behind. Now if you can leave your body at death, why not now? Or at any time? Of course you can ......!

It's only a matter of where you put your attention! This is what dictates your Experience!!! In other words, what you choose to look at becomes your Experience. However, remember that you are your attention. As said, who's the ONE looking or observing behind your eyes? Who's the one experiencing all your experiences? Who is doing the looking?... not what are you looking at. ...that's Creation! Then the question becomes: Who is IT that is experiencing YOUR emotions???

If you are not your physical body, then you must BE something MORE than your physical body. Could the Emotional world be the Kingdom of Heaven? The home of the Supreme Being? Observation of ones' emotions show us a world of broader experiences than this physical world! The range of emotions are not infinite but are many: Love, Hate, Anger, Happiness, Jealousy, Joy, Depression, Euphoria, Anxiety, Serenity, and the like. Your Emotions can change one minute to the next. Even though it appears we have endless emotional states, one CAN experience a totally non-emotional state.

We can also come to the perception that we are even something greater. We can watch ourselves act and react emotionally. In other words, YOU are obviously much greater than the Emotions themselves! In fact, one can turn them on-and-off at will. In any moment you can laugh, cry, make yourself feel sad, happy or peaceful.

It becomes obvious, if you step back and look at it, that thoughts control Emotions. Your thought(s) can turn Emotions on or off. You can control this. Again, who's the YOU we are talking about? So far we know it's not your Physical body, or your Emotional body, so it must be your mind!?!

Holmes wrote a lot about the mind and what's called the Universal Mind. There are probably hundreds or even thousands of books on the subject of the MIND. The Mental level of creation is so vast one cannot conceptualize it. The mind is a seemingly on-going, ever creating and comparing, analyzing machine much bigger and grander than the emotional worlds.

For some the thinking process consumes them. Either the part of the mind that has memory (Causal) or the thought processes themselves. One can think (imagine) of the past, or the future. It is quite obvious that the Mental part of God, or Creation, or whatever you wish to call IT, is vast and we all use it when we use our minds..

One cannot deny the fact that the Mind exists. Now there are many, especially those closed-door thinkers like some Medical Doctors, who think that the mind is simply the Brain in physical terms. I would agree that the brain is the connecting link in the physical world to the seemingly infinite world of thought and the thought processes. It's been shown that many people can have the same thoughts at the same time in different parts of the world. The same time the Wright Brothers created the airplane here, a gentleman in Europe created the same thing there. Furthermore, people who live together have similar thoughts at the same time.

The "Universal Mind" concept has been experienced and intellectually characterized by a great many people over the years, including psychologists and psychiatrists. Thus there is the Social Consciousness, including the various belief systems or patterns of thinking that people fall into, etc. We can actually categorize levels of Social Behavior Patterns. There are seemingly Infinite states of the Mind and, I might add, Emotional levels that one can get trapped into or use in one's life. Learn to use your bodies and not get trapped in and/or by them. This is the key to freedom and experiencing the higher level of God in any given moment.

Thus far, we can see how huge the mental worlds are, but is the Mind GOD??? Is the mind the All in the All? Is man's Mind the Heaven talked about so much in most religions and yoga systems, including the Christ Consciousness of Christian literature?

In my journeys, the world of pure Mind or the Universal Mind, is also called Cosmic Consciousness, Bliss Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, and a multitude of other names, which conceptualize the mind as a more Infinite Experience or the Heaven of all Heavens. It is an experience of the Oneness of all life. A Oneness that is Separate but One. Which means that YOU are a "piece of the mirror," and you see All Life as same Pieces of the WHOLE mirror... or of GOD Itself!

But is your Mind the real YOU? The You that is constantly there? Or here! The YOU that feels alone or loneliness? The YOU that sometimes can't think or feel? The YOU that can't hide in dreams, in thoughts, or in emotions....? Is it the Dreamer or the Dream; the Knower or the Thinker of your Thoughts? It's the YOU who awakens after being "lost in thought?" Who is this YOU behind the mask of thoughts and emotions? The external YOU that all Beings feel or know? Who is this YOU that wakes up after watching a good movie? Who is watching behind the eyes of all things? That never dies? That is Eternal?

SOUL or the real YOU is forever Present, watching your Experiences whether it be a physical one, an emotional one, or when YOU are lost in thought. Yes, who is this thinker? Who is using your mind to think? How can you know this? How can one possibly go beyond the seemingly Infinite Structure of thought and the thinking processes?

Easy! Simply STOP Thinking and become the Observer! Observe life around you. Start Observing your own thoughts, emotions, and watch your interaction with your physical world around you. Become the Observer instead of the Thinker. You can Observe much more than you can think. Thought is an endless stream of images. Observation is a state of Being. A state of merging into the One. A state of Seeing and Knowing all things!

In each of us there is the Observer. This is true with every human animal and plant. I have heard many people say: "I have a Soul, or my Soul within me." Now this concept of "in" is important to note. Nothing is in us. We do not have to travel to find ourselves; we are ourselves! We are IT. YOU are IT. Soul, God, whatever YOU wish to call IT. You can change the way you see and experience things by simply watching or being in the state of NOW; where no thought exists; where only the true YOU exists. There is nothing more or outside of you, as there is nothing outside of GOD.

Try this. Stop thinking. Merely practice watching your life and interactions with others for one day. Don't judge, or put conditions on anything. Desire nothing. Remember, you are always bonded to your desires by thoughts and emotions. Freedom from our creations is the end goal of meditation or true prayer. It is said that one must look within oneself to get out of the body. This only shows you how Separate and External, Life or Creation is from YOU, the Creator. And how much Creation can pull us far away from our True Selves. You can never go beyond who YOU truly are! But YOU can get lost in your attention and your knowingness and Sense of Self.

You will come to see who YOU really are by living as much as YOU can free from thought and desire....and the concepts of who you think YOU are, or who YOU perceive yourself to be. By living in the Eternal Now. Nothing exists beyond this. By simply Being Now in each moment, free of Thought, you will begin to experience the Infinite! It's that simple to understand!

It's simply understanding that you're removing your attention from your finite bodies that you're used to using. This is creation which Limits your Knowingness of who YOU are verses the things that YOU are creating, which is what you aren't (only what you're playing with).

As said, YOU are simply becoming who you really are, by removing your attention from your limited bodies and the things that YOU are creating. The Infinite has no words to describe it: no Thoughts, no Emotions, no Physical Body to experience. Just Freedom, Joy, Bliss and Totality. It's hard to explain (or describe) the rapture and ecstasy of Being Infinite. This is simply being pure Consciousness or Awareness Itself instead of being trapped by isolated thought or creation.

As said, when you are in the moment, YOU become Awareness or Intelligence Itself. You become the Thinker of the Thought, the Feeler of the Emotions, the True Driver of the Physical Body. Think of Creation like a big store, such as: Toys R Us. One can enter the store and play with all the toys; and when you get tired of playing, it's time to go home!

Try it, you will like it. It's how you go beyond the pain, the suffering or simply the limitations of Creation. So here's an overview of Creation.


  • The first step to becoming the Infinite
  • Worlds of Pure Beingness; the extreme NOW; the 1rst True Heaven
  • Beyond all Materiality and Duality. "the whole mirror..."

Etheric Mind

  • Ego - individualized piece of the whole
  • The first stages of Separation known as the Sub-Consciousness of the mind.
  • The YOU that is separate from the Whole, but One with the Whole.
  • "A piece of the whole mirror,"
  • Mind
  • Universal Thought
  • All is one - but individualized; Pure Mind where though originates
  • Pure Mind, where all Minds come from

Causal Mind

  • Past and Future Memory – the thinking process
  • This is the true beginning of Duality as we know it
  • The mother and father, son and spirit
  • Emotions
  • Astral worlds of beauty, individual love, etc
  • The worlds of feeling; esp. Anger, Joy, Hate, Excitement, etc
  • Physical
  • The most solid and Finite of all the Bodies
  • Very limited (5 senses); basically a "vehicle" for the mind emotions
  • Basically just a "car" in the Physical World
  • The most mundane and limited body that Soul must occupy to experience the physical worlds of Creation