GI Renew #1 - Normal (90 Capsules)


The GI Renew formulas are specially formulated to maintain, strengthen, and rejuvenate the gastro-intestinal tract. They were created for overall health of the gastro-intestinal tract. Assists with elimination through the bowels, and occasional constipation. Helps maintain regular bowel movements.

  • #0 Useful for over-acid conditions of the gastro-intestinal tract with excessive bowel movements occurring more than three times per day. This formula has no moving power.
  • #1 Intended for those with normal bowel movements with proper diet.
  • #2 Beneficial for those that move their bowels once per day and need gentle moving power.
  • #3 Suggested if bowels are not moving every day or if one occasionally misses a day.
  • #4 Consistently moving bowels every other day.
  • #5 Bowel movements occur every two days or more.


    • Slippery Elm Bark
    • Marshmallow Root
    • Wild Yam Root
    • Mullein Leaf
    • Chickweed Herb
    • Gentian Root
    • Plantain Leaf
    • Fennel Seed

    All Herbs in our Formulas are Organic, Wildcrafted, or Consciously Cultivated


    None known.  However, avoid during early pregnancy.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 77 reviews
    Marinna Davy (Pensacola, US)
    The Proof is in the Pudding

    I was having colitis symptoms. All has normalized. Yaaay!!

    L.S. (Hummelstown, US)

    ready to swallow no after effects.

    D.Z. (Pawtucket, US)
    A huge help

    The GI Renew has helped me tremendously with me continual bouts of diverticulitis! After 8 or more in less than 8 months... I am thrilled with the overall decrease in occurances!!

    J.C. (Palm Desert, US)
    I think this saved my life!

    Dramatic title but honestly, I think it did. Let me start at the beginning…

    About 16 years ago I was suffering from a mysterious illness. Doctors threw all kinds of tests at me, scanned me and scoped me, including a colonoscopy. I was in my 40’s. I came out with a solemn explanation that I obviously have colon cancer in my genes (I’m adopted) and that I had numerous precancerous polyps. Had I waited until my 50’s for my first scope, I wouldn’t have made it! Talk about a shocker. So when he said let’s test you again in a year, and he found the polyps were already back, I was scared. I was told not to wait more than 5 years for my next scope or it could be too late.

    Several years ago I stumbled on Dr. Morse and started with these bowel formulas, #2, & #1 among other herbal formulas. Dr. Morse says they can help heal the bowel wall and shrink polyps. I was all in and while my diet hasn’t always been on point, I’ve been religious with the bowel support.

    Fast forward to this month. It’s been 15 years since that second colonoscopy. I know! I know! I’ve been so scared.

    Illness, lack of finances, covid and even prep intolerances have stood in my way of that follow up and let me tell you I was so concerned what they were going to say when I woke up. They too were concerned but trying to be stoic. In all honesty, I was prepared for emergency surgery and even to hear the “c” word. I had let it go too long and given polyps too much time.

    Instead, as I was groggily gaining consciousness I was told “all clear.” I couldn’t believe I understood that right. Say again, please? “All clear. We found nothing. Just a slight discoloration which is harmless. Have you been taking herbs?” I broke out in a grin but could have cried. Right then I knew what had happened. I thank God for Dr. Morse and his formulas! I know they did what he said and dissolved and/ or prevented any polyps.

    You can bet, I’ll be staying on these!

    Just in case anyone else that might be wondering, if these can really make a difference, I thought I’d share my story.

    Be Well!

    Ella Allen (Alamo, US)

    When I have a BM now my rectum feels like it’s has a fissure! I’ve been eat fruits and vegetables, I’m a practicing vegan but I’m doing just the fruits and vegetables! My feet (both) are either tingling or sore