Many of you are aware of Dr. Morse’s passion for healing and his desire to deliver his message to the world about detoxification and true health. The world we live in is changing rapidly, and to evolve and stay ahead of these changes, Dr. Morse is shifting his focus to establishing and building the Detox Centers in addition to expanding his International School of the Healing Arts and Sciences. So, how we offer detoxification and herbal support is changing and will not be quite like it used to be. But we are still here for YOU! That is why we are working tirelessly to create an educational and inspiring website like no other to assist every individual in their pursuit of health – physically, mentally and spiritually. We will continue to guide you and help you select the best Cellular Botanicals formulas to suit your detoxification goals, and if we feel it is in your best interest and success to seek additional and personalized support from a certified Detoxification Specialist, we will! Or you can search on your own by visiting We want everyone to be successful on their journey to Wellville!