Lymphatic System 3 (2oz Tincture)


These superb formulas were created to cleanse (detoxify) and strengthen the lymphatic tissues and nodes of the body, and to strengthen the immune system.  We strongly suggest pairing this formula with one of our Kidneys & Bladder formulas to assist with proper filtration and elimination of Lymphatic waste. 


  • Echinacea Angustifolia Root
  • Plantain Leaf
  • White Oak Bark
  • Poke Root
  • Bitter Melon Fruit
  • Bloodroot

All Herbs in our Formulas are Organic, Wildcrafted, or Consciously Cultivated

30-40% Alcohol and Distilled Water


Avoid during early pregnancy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Sandy (Mahomet, US)
Strong stuff

This tincture is SO strong. After taking the tincture for a few days, some of my symptoms were exacerbated and I was very frustrated. I finally realized I had to back off on the dosage for awhile because I wasn’t filtering efficiently enough to keep up with the strength of this formula. My kidneys are filtering a little better, but I have a more work to do. Don’t give up. Adjust if needed and keep going.

Mahase Bissoondath (Port of Spain, TT)
very effective

These tinctures are very good. Fast absorption and delivery. I wish I could purchase wholesale as I used to for my clients

Lori V (Valley City, US)

Lymphatic System 3 (2oz Tincture)

Eric Riccio (New York, US)

Lymphatic System 3 (2oz Tincture)

Tonya Earles (Sheridan, US)
Lymphatic System 3 Tincture

Wonderful beautiful healing herb in every drop!!! This Lymphatic really showed how well it was doing by all the gunk that came every time I went and poop!!! Thumbs Up on all Dr M's herbs