Websites Explained

Websites Explained

Apr 11, '22

We get many questions about our Social Media, websites and online presence. We try to cover everything and we appreciate, for some, it can become overwhelming. So today we'll try and soft through everything to make your life easier.

At the time of writing, the online world is riddled with censorship and so there are definitely one or two things we recommend that you must follow in order to keep up-to-date, others are optional.

Social Media

For the moment, this is the best tool to reach as many people as possible and they don't censor. The app is available on ALL of your devices and if you want to know all of the latest Dr. Morse updates, this is the one thing you should do. After installing the app on your phone, tablet or computer, click this link and click to, "Join Channel":

The following are what we consider optional, meaning if you have the app, you may follow Dr. Morse but these organizations are known for censorship so we do not use them as we do Telegram:





This is Dr. Morse's Clinic Website and Resource for all of your Detoxification needs whether it be needing a Consult and buying herbs

Online School:

Be very careful of the spelling on this one as it's easy to get wrong:

If you are already taking classes, or thinking about it, we recommend booking this link into your favorites to easily login:

In summary, we understand it may be a lot to remember, just don't think you have to follow ALL of these links, just do so on the ones that suit you being mindful of potential censorship.

If you have any questions, reach out, we're here to help.

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