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Sep 3, '19

We've been sent information on a couple of great organizations that Dr. Morse would like to share with everyone!  


Cure4Hunger has invented the cure for global hunger by integrating six state of the art technologies creating the world’s first legitimate cure.

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that nearly 870 million of the world’s 7.1 billion inhabitants, or one in eight, suffered from chronic undernourishment in 2010-2012.

The majority of the world’s hungry population live in developing countries, where Cure4Hunger is charted to build thousands of Water and Food Domes over the next decade and beyond.

This is a great organization with a plan geared towards actually helping humanity, as opposed to biotech giants like Monsanto who are poisoning the world’s food and environment with genetically modified crops!

Click here to visit their website, learn more and find out how you can be a part!


At the moment the inpowermovement team is specialized in: Vaccines, 5G and Smart Meters. You can download the special 'liability' forms ( NoL) for free.

You will discover that we have more rights than almost anyone knows about. The common law is based on a 'merchant law' (Lex Mercatoria). So we can negotiate in court and you can even impose a fine on the responsible individual or government respresentatives. This works by using special 'liability' documents (NoL contracts). You can download these special forms for this purpose. With this method you can solve any issue you have with the corrupt government. 

Click here to watch the video on their website and learn more.

Watch how it works by clicking here!

Watch the results here!

"We have uncovered and refined a revolutionary new process: enforcing the individual commercial liability of corporate executives and government representatives who are causing egregious harm."

We hope everyone finds these organizations helpful and useful in maintaining your health sovereignty!

Dr. Morse and the Health Club Staff

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