Videos, Videos, and a Couple More Videos!

Videos, Videos, and a Couple More Videos!

Jul 29, '20

Hello Everyone!

We hope you are having a great week and staying healthy and thriving! Dr. Morse has a few videos he wanted to share with all of you!

Kelly Victory

The first is Dr. Kelly Victory discussing Coronaviruses/COVID.  Click here to watch

Oxygen Deficiency

The second is a short (but very poignant) video on masks and oxygen deficiency, this one is a MUST SEE (click here)!

Dr. Pam Popper ~ Make Americans Free Again

Next we’d like to signal boost Dr. Pam Popper’s “Make American’s Free Again” movement.  This is the type of grassroots, aggregating movement that Dr. Morse has been talking about for many years.  We feel it’s an important movement to support, especially as government overreach and suppression of rights continues to grow in the  name of “an overabundance of caution.”  Please take a moment to step outside of the “fact free hysteria” (sorry…I love that phrase!) and watch two short videos by Dr. Popper, and visit Make American’s Free Again to join this movement!

Click here for the Announcement Video   

Click here for the most recent video  

"Frontline Doctors" Video

Last but not least, Dr. Morse wanted to share this video with a bit of discretion.  You all know how we feel about chemical medications and isolate supplements.  However, we feel that it’s very important to signal boost this particular video despite their endorsement of these things.  Overall their message inspires hope and a shedding of the fear-based mentality, as well as making some very legitimate points regarding science and scientific studies, among other things. MOST IMPORTANTLY we spoke about Google (and YouTube—owned by Google) and their digital book burn about a year ago, and it’s now more important than ever to stand up and fight back against the censorship being committed by Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media giants!  So…help spread the message but don’t forget what you all know about how to prevent a virus from invading your terrain (it’s all about lymph!)—you don’t need hydroxychloroquine!

Watch the video here on Bitchute (this video has been removed from YouTube and Facebook, as well as the website shut down by the hosting company for "violating their terms of service." 


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