Vaccine Legislation Alert

Vaccine Legislation Alert

Aug 23, '19

For our Health Club Members living in Florida, Senator Lauren Book has introduced Senate Bill SB 64.  If passed, this bill would DELETE the religious exemption for vaccination and create a STATE RUN medical exemption review panel, making it far more difficult to obtain medical exemptions.  This review panel would circumvent the patient/doctor relationship.

Florida Residents:  Please take action against SB 64 (click here).  

What's important here is that these laws include a "no liability" clause--so if you or your child are injured by a vaccine you were forced to receive, you will have zero recourse (despite the fact that over $4 billion--that's billion with a B!--has already been awarded for vaccine injuries or death--click here for article).

With California, Maine and New York removing religious exemptions for vaccines (and making medical exemptions all but impossible to obtain), many other states are also proposing legislation. Please do not be complacent if you live in a state where legislation has not yet been proposed.  More than 30 states across the nation are rolling out campaigns to remove vaccine exemptions, so it is all but certain to effect you soon!

We are facing a historical moment where we are poised to lose our First Amendment right to a religious exemption, where we will be forced to vaccinate ourselves and our children regardless of our beliefs.  We could lose our health sovereignty to state-mandated vaccine schedules.

Please click here to take action against SB 64 (Florida)

Please click here to visit Stand for Health Freedom, where you can find information on upcoming campaigns to remove religious exemptions and see when your state will be affected, as well as look up and contact your representatives with only a couple clicks.

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