Authenticity and International Distributors

Authenticity and International Distributors

Apr 15, '212 comments

About three years ago we posted regarding our international distributors and those who carry Dr. Morse’s original, authentic formulas.  In light of international shipping delays due to Covid-19 we are again receiving inquiries and would like to revisit (and update!) the information pertaining to international distributors for everyone. 

We understand the struggles our International members face with regards to shipping and import duties, and that ordering through distributors within their own region is often the difference between being able to obtain the herbal formulas they need—or not!

We would like to verify that in Europe, there are three major distributors that sell Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals.  These are (click names to visit sites):

The Cotswolds Juice Retreat
Herbs for Detox
Nutrition Vision (Netherlands-Website in English and Dutch)

We also have one major distributors of Dr. Morse’s formulas in Australia:

The Detox Shop
Due to the restrictive nature of Health Canada regulations there are currently no major, large scale distributors selling Dr. Morse’s herbal formulas in Canada. 

The Master Fast System (MFS), based in Canada but also sold throughout Europe, and Mira Herbals (also based in Canada) are not affiliated with our health club in any way and their products are not Dr. Morse’s Cellular Botanicals.  While many of their products bear identical names and ingredients, these products are NOT prepared with the same carefully considered ratios as Dr. Morse’s formulas.  Likewise, we are unable to speak to the quality and/or purity of these formulas, the herbs they contain, the standards and methods under which they are produced, or the potency or consistency of the final product.  These products are not endorsed or recommended by Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club and Dr. Morse has had no involvement in the formulation of these products.

We appreciate our member’s dedication and loyalty to the standards of quality, purity and potency we uphold in our products and hope this information will provide all of you with peace of mind that they are purchasing Dr. Morse’s genuine Cellular Botanicals; even when ordering internationally.

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Lindsey Horii on Sep 21, '20

Thanks for the article, and confirming for me that I purchased Dr. Morse’s herbs in Sweden from a reputable distributor! Love you Dr. Morse & team!

Fran Franklin on Sep 21, '20

Thanks so much for your clarification.I just received my order and already I feel the difference in my body. The quality is just as you said and I’m glad to be one of your loyal members that can identify that your product is what you say and really works. You can feel the difference. Thanks so much.

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