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Nov 24, '201 comment

We are sure we do not need to tell you all that 2020 has been a year like no other.  No matter how you feel about COVID-19 and lockdowns, there is no denying that every aspect of our lives has been impacted.  The Herbal Health Club has not been impervious to these circumstances, and this in turn has directly affected many of you.

COVID-related restrictions, lockdowns and quarantines have seriously impacted us in many ways, including supply chain disruptions, ingredient sourcing issues, and shipping/freight delays.  Since last spring, we have been working proactively to find solutions that will ensure the continuity of our inventory.  We know that so many formulas out of stock has been a major inconvenience, and are confident that most of the issues we have been experiencing and working through behind the scenes will be resolved within the next 4-6 weeks.

We would like to remind everyone that during this time, if you are unable to get herbal formulas, do not underestimate the power of healing with FOOD.  Keeping your diet as raw as possible, and focusing on astringent and high-energy fruits can go a very long way in perpetuating your detox, moving your lymph, encouraging kidney filtration, and removing the mucus and stagnant lymph that hinder immune function and overall vitality.  If you are unable to obtain the herbal formulas you need at this time, remember to make FOOD your medicine!

Once we emerge from this last hurdle in terms of production/shipping disruption, we will be announcing some great new changes!  Dr. Morse has been working diligently the past several months to reformulate some of his products, to restructure the 14 week Deep Tissue Cleansing Kits, and help design a fresh, new look to the labels/branding!  We are really excited about these changes and think they will help to both simplify and deepen everyone’s detox experience! This time has also brought to the forefront the need to work together and get local growers and herb farms involved.  We look forward to being part of network building in the coming year, to ensure that we are able to help strengthen and support each other through the remainder of this and future ‘pandemics’—as well as anything else that comes our collective way!

We wish you all a wonderful upcoming holiday season, and thank you all for both your love and support and your continued patience and understanding regarding out of stock items.

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Trish on Dec 11, '20

Hello Dear healers
Can you link me to where Dr Morse talks about growing a third set of teeth?

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