Holiday Happenings

Dec 2, '21

Hello Everyone, we hope you survived the onslaught of Black Friday "deals" and have managed to dig your way out of last weekends inbox!  We have a few updates for you as we head into the holidays...and as always honest and straightforward pricing on herbs! We know you honor and have come to expect quality and value, and we would never mislead by marking up just to discount!

New Detox Kits

The New Detox Kits are almost ready, we are just waiting on the last few formulas to finish up and pass testing! We anticipate having these ready to go very soon--just in time for your post-holiday detox!

Fasting: The Healer Within

We’ve all heard Dr. Morse talking about it and have been waiting eagerly…well the Fasting Documentary featuring Dr. Morse is nearing completion! The film is in the final stage of editing and is scheduled for release in early 2022. You can view the trailer below, and if you would like to contribute to help with post-production costs you can donate to the fundraiser here.

You can also follow Saxon and Sinclair on Instagram for news and updates pertaining to the documentary: @fastingthehealerwithin

5-Star Digestion

For those of you who understand the four processes (digestion, absorption, utilization, and elimination) but are struggling to reset your GI, author and Alumni Matt Bennett has put together the 5 Star Digestion ebook (available here—since it IS the season of giving, consider treating yourself to the Combo Pack!). Full of helpful info on optimizing digestive heath, empowering gut flora and lots of whole food, vegan recipes—this could be just the resource you need to help keep you on track through the food temptations of the holidays!

These can also be found on Dr. Morse’s Member Library page, and while you’re there don’t forget to check out Matt’s “Vegan Adventures with Barnyard Friends,” a great gift for the kiddos this holiday season!

Vaccine Mandate Court Rulings

In terms of vaccines mandates, there have been 2 great developments this week!  Two court rulings effectively dismantled much of the CMS mandate, and it looks like a strong possibility that these will set the precedent for the other mandates. If you are or were facing job/income loss regarding a mandate, keep the faith and keep standing strong, as things are starting to look brighter!

To read more about these rulings and what they could mean for the future of mandates, click here to see the Missouri ruling and here for the Louisiana ruling.  

Pardon the Wrinkles

We are expecting to have Superfood Explosion (both powder and capsules) back in stock soon, however there is a small snafu. Due to minor imperfections in the bottles (which is common with the larger glass bottles), some of the labels may end up with wrinkles or bubbles. This is strictly a cosmetic issue, something we have to endure due to supply issues and the types of bottles available, and does not effect the quality or purity of the contents!


If you haven't heard (where have you been???)--Dr. Morse now has his own video platform! Videos are still being uploaded to YouTube for the time being, but videos likely to be censored will skip YouTube and be uploaded exclusively to Dr. Morse TV, along with other videos of interest that don't fit the narrative. So if you don't want to miss a single thing, make sure you hop on over to Dr. Morse TV and subscribe, bookmark, and most importantly share!

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