Upcoming Retreats and Events

Upcoming Retreats and Events

Feb 22, '20

Hello and Happy February!  We hope your 2020 is starting off healthy and thriving!  Your International School of Detoxification Alumni have been working hard putting together some fantastic retreats and events for this year, so if you’re looking to kick your detox up a notch, check out their offerings below.

These retreats are being hosted individually, so if you’re interested in any particular one please click the contact information found within that listing.  As always, we are providing this information as a service to our members on behalf of the retreat hosts and cannot answer inquiries regarding these retreats, so please contact the hosts directly!

March 30-April 6:  Women’s Healing and Transformation Retreat in Puerto Morales, Mexico

Come enjoy an 8 day, 7-night intimate yoga, healing and transformation retreat in a private beachfront villa. White sand beach, turquoise water, cute and quaint authentic Mexican town, ocean breeze and ultimate relaxation. Space is limited to 8 people to ensure a sacred space and proper attentiveness for each person. We are hosting a women’s retreat to uplift, empower and inspire each other to live our best lives and nurture ourselves deeply. Come and find the gift of confidence, inner beauty, and strength from within!

For details, pricing and availability, click here.

March 31-April 13 or April 14-27:  Renewal 2020 Self Regeneration Retreat in Ecuador’s Sacred Valley of Longevity

  • Dr. Morse inspired dietary and personalized herbal cellular regeneration protocol
  • Unlimited Fruit Feasting - Ecuador is an incredible fresh fruit paradise!
  • Optional tender greens, herbs & avocados if you feel the need for savory supplementation
  • Pristine Andean mountain air, cloud forest sourced nano-structured water, probiotic antioxidant elixirs, garden harvest herbal teas...
  • Includes Iris Analysis, Symptomology Analysis & Herbal Protocol pre-retreat consult + in-retreat coaching & classes + post-retreat follow-up call with Cellular Regeneration Health Coach David Salem
  • Bhakti Yoga Flow and Bhakti Restorative Yoga classes
  • Infinity Wave Body Awareness & Unity Contemplative Movement classes
  • Permaculture paradise tours, Nature immersions...
  • Kirtan, Mantra, Sound Meditation Journeys, Pranic Breathing Meditations, Fireside Music Jams...

For details, pricing and availability, click here.

May 15-17:  Healthy Lifestyle Retreat in Salida, Colorado

  • 5 classes including yoga, pranayama, & meditation
  • 6 all organic plant-based healing food meals/snacks, this includes an evening of elixirs & organic superfoods and herbal teas provided daily
  • 1 healing West African drum, dance & song class
  • 2 regenerative healing based discussion/workshop sessions
  • 2 nature excursions
  • 1 hot springs evening
  • Deep connection & daily healthy lifestyle guidance

For details, pricing and availability, click here.

August 6-9:  Florida Fruit Festival in Loxahatchee, Florida

Join us this summer for a 4-day celebration of health and healing on a fruit-based diet!  ...On a 20 acre farm in Southeast Florida where you can camp under the stars and connect with likeminded people.

Ticket price includes:

  • Unlimited locally grown tree ripened tropical fruit
  • Fresh pressed sugar cane juice and coconuts
  • Delicious raw vegan dinner salads
  • Talks on health, detoxing, healing ourselves and the planet
  • Yoga & meditation classes
  • Art and herb workshop
  • Group sound healing sessions
  • Excursions to the beach, Everglades and local fruit farms
  • Healing vendors offering body & energy work like massage & reiki
  • Eco Friendly Product vendors
  • Music and Dancing
  • And much more! 

For details, pricing and availability, click here.

7, 14, or 21 Day Detox Healing Programs at the Fruit Haven Ecovillage in Ecuador

Join us and heal your body, mind and emotions with delicious raw food, vibrant fruit, pure water, fresh waterfalls, and powerful healing protocols.  At Fruit Haven Ecovillage, we provide the perfect environment for a smooth healing journey.

  • All food and meals prepared by us
  • Daily yoga
  • Daily meditation
  • Massages
  • Energetic healing sessions
  • Psycho-emotional support
  • Natural healing practices (skin brushing and oil pulling)
  • Iris reading
  • Nature walks and waterfall baths
  • Natural music (the birds here sing daily symphonies for you!)
  • Online evaluation before and after the program and online counseling after the program*

For details, pricing and availability, click here.

7, 14, or 28 Day Ascension Cleanse at Nimarsti’s own SURYA Plant-Based Rejuvenation Sanctuary, Thailand

Join Jay and the Nimarsti Team at Nimarsti’s own SURYA Plant-Based Rejuvenation Sanctuary for a 7-Day Ascension Cleanse starting on the 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd of every month (except November) in ‘The Land of Smiles’ amazing Thailand.

SURYA Plant-Based Rejuvenation Sanctuary sits on the edge of a mountainous rainforest where guests are immersed in the energy, smells, sights, and sounds of this tropical paradise. The sanctuary is a private 4 bedroom traditional Thai Lanna style home nestled up high on the side of a hill in Santi Thani Village with full ocean views. All bedrooms are air-conditioned, have ocean views, queen or king-size beds with high-quality mattresses and their own private bathroom.

For details, pricing and availability, click here. (Click on Menu, then Retreats for details on available programs).

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