The Problems with PCR Testing as the Foundation of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Problems with PCR Testing as the Foundation of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jan 21, '21

From this article:

"A massive, worldwide COVID testing campaign has launched, costing countries billions of dollars. But more and more experts are coming forward, claiming that the misuse of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing, the most common test for COVID, is resulting in a vast number of false positives. Many are denouncing the testing as illogical and fraudulent, stating that it shouldn’t be considered diagnostic. Yet these are the very tests that are used to report daily numbers around the country that then justify the policies to squander freedom and depress the economy."

"PCR tests cannot distinguish between live viruses and particles that cannot infect you and others, nor can they rule out other viruses or bacteria — you can get a positive result from the flu or other coronavirus fragments."

"Testing is designed to substantiate clinical observations. And this appears to be the first time in history that a pandemic has been measured and managed through testing alone, without clinical oversight to verify the tests or even justify the administration of a test. Without this clinical observation and oversight, it’s impossible to determine what percentage of positive tests will never be symptomatic or never be infectious."

Visit Stand for Health Freedom's website to read this article in its entirety (and download the PDF) by clicking here.

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