Spring Cleaning Sale

Spring Cleaning Sale

Mar 12, '201 comment

Take advantage of our overstock with considerable savings on select closeout formulas.  These formulas must go, as they will be expiring within a year.  But that gives you plenty of time to take advantage of substantial price reductions, and reap the benefits of a strong and fortified immune system!

Because these formulas are priced to sell, all sales are final and there can be no returns or exchanges.  Only while supplies last, so don’t wait! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Bone Marrow Capsules:  $8 per bottle
Acidic Joints Capsules:  $12 per bottle
Cayenne Garlic Combo Capsules:  $12 per bottle
Healthy Glucose Capsules:  $12 per bottle
Ultimate Immune Capsules:  $14 per bottle

Voice Box Loose Tea:  $12 per bag

Superfood I Powder:  $30 per bottle
Superfood II Powder:  $30 per bottle
High Energy by Nature Capsules:  $30 per bottle
Muscles by Nature Powder:  $35 per bottle

Kidney & Bladder and Lymphatic System V Capsules:  $28 (bundle)
This is a bundled purchase.  Kidney and Bladder formula cannot be exchanged for any other formula (including another kidney formula).
Limit 2 per customer. 
Retail Members Only

Lymphatic System V Capsules:  $12 per bottle
Resale Practitioners Only--No Exceptions

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devstar on Mar 30, '20

omg YES perfect timing!

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