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Social Media Alert

Jun 1, '182 comments

Hello and Happy Friday!

On a positive note, the shipping building made it through a night of heavy rain with no further leaking! Damage inside is being repaired today and operations have returned to normal, so we expect very minimal delays due to yesterday afternoon’s rain/damage!

On a more serious note, it has been brought to our attention that there is an imposter Facebook profile out there.  “Fake accounts” have been an issue in the past on various groups, however this particular account appears to be Dr. Morse himself and contains pictures of the actual clinic.  The profile linked here and shown above is NOT Dr. Morse, or anyone affiliated with him or the Health Club.  We repeat, this profile is NOT Dr. Morse.

Our legal counsel is pursuing this matter with Facebook directly, but we feel the more complaints Facebook receives, the faster they will move through the red tape!

We would ask that anyone who has been approached by this profile to please contact us, and we also ask that anyone in the community that has a Facebook account to please report this profile using this link:

It is very important that everyone understand that Dr. Morse does not have a personal email or Facebook profile.  The only Facebook account we own is the Page (not profile) for Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club, which can be found by clicking here:

It is also very important that everyone understand we will never solicit anyone for money or discuss orders, packages, or charges via Facebook.  Never.  If you are receiving requests for payment or other financial information and it appears to be us, please report that profile to Facebook using the link above and/or forward that info to us. 

Related topics: Click here for the blog post on social media contact with Health Club Staff.  (You must be logged in to your Health Club Account to view the blog post.)

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Ann Johnson on Jun 15, '18

Thank you Dr. Morse for all you do. Finding your website and videos are answers to my prayers.

Lynn Winters on Jun 12, '18

I just wanted to say how much I Love you and appreciate the information & products that I have found on your Beautiful Website!!

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