So you have been told you have the gene that won’t let you detoxify...

So you have been told you have the gene that won’t let you detoxify...

Jan 18, '1716 comments

Detoxification is the only way the body can eliminate the true cause of any abnormal finding (typically diagnosed as a disease by allopaths).  Detoxification incorporates all organs that allow the body to release stored waste products that accumulate within the interstitial spaces of our organs and tissues.  We do not see this process requiring any genetic product since it simply involves breaking down the agglomerated masses of metabolic wastes and dead cells that collect within the interstitial spaces within our organs (water rich fruits – like citrus or grapes – break down these masses the most efficiently due to their astringent properties).  Once these masses have been loosened and broken up, the next step is to release the smaller components of the larger mass into lymphatic vessels so that they can be filtered out of the body via the kidneys.  The herbs we recommend are wonderful in supporting the lymphatic and urinary systems in this progression. 

It is true that the liver is an amazing chemical manufacturing organ in the body.  It can analyze the body’s needs for nutrients (e.g., amino acids, monosaccharides, and fatty acids), and can support the conversion of one type of molecule into another (e.g., it can break down stored glycogen into glucose, or can convert many different types of amino acids into glucose when blood-glucose levels fall below normal).  These chemical conversions do require enzymes and cofactors. 

We see the role of the liver to be that of a chemical manufacturing organ.  Many clinicians may do an analysis of enzymes produced by the liver to determine how well your body can detoxify.  The reports generated by these tests may claim that a person is deficient in their ability to detoxify by focusing on certain enzymes (and other genetic products) made by the liver.   Since these genetic products have no impact on the breakdown of stored agglomerated masses and the subsequent release of these substances out of the of body via the lymphatic vessels and kidneys, you can still enhance detoxification with a high fruit diet and herbal program.

The diet is crucial, as water rich fruits (e.g., grapes, oranges, melons) naturally break down obstructed masses.  Herbs that support the adrenals, kidneys, and lymphatic system assist the body is removing these smaller masses, resulting in the sediment that eventually is seen in the urine.  It may take months before the kidneys begin to effectively pull these wastes from the bodily fluids, so two kidney formulas are often needed (in addition to dry fasting).

What to do if you do not see sediment:  continue with the herbal protocol and high fruit diet.  Do your best to create a healing environment at home which will allow for rest and relaxation.  Add dry fasting (12 hr daily and 24 hr once a week).  

Many abnormal findings and distressing symptoms are remedied when the cells of our body are cleansed.  Supplementing with mineral and/or vitamin isolates may, in the short term, feel like they are enhancing bodily function; but, for long term health, it is vital to cleanse and strengthen each organ so that the body can naturally absorb and utilize all nutrients we ingest. The endocrine glands are primarily responsible for regulating the use of many minerals in the body.  If these glands are lymphatically congested, symptoms of “deficiency” may seem apparent. Removing lymphatic congestion from the endocrine glands will allow them to better control all the nutritional chemistry in our bodily fluids, with the enhanced utilization by the cells. 

Finally, please remember that plants are AMAZING at finding minerals.  Many people want to supplement with minerals because they claim that the soil is deficient.  However, if that were the case, the plant would not thrive.  Some plants, like alfalfa, have roots that can dig as far as 150 feet into the earth searching for minerals.  So, any analysis claiming that a person is deficient in a mineral (or has too much of a mineral in the blood) is most likely pointing to weak adrenal or parathyroid / thyroid glands.  These endocrine glands regulate mineral utilization.  Again, detoxifying the glands and strengthening their function often results is the normalization of blood mineral levels.

Contributed by Patty Lager

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Noel on Jul 2, '17

Thank you Patty for sharing this. I feel so misinformed and this really helped educate me. Now I’ll feel good knowing I’m on the right path to healing. Also helping my family improve their health.

Geetha Vijay on Feb 4, '17

Nice article Patty! Thanks for posting it.

Geetha Vijay on Feb 3, '17

Nice article Patty! Thanks for posting it. :)

Jack from Beantown on Jan 29, '17

Beautifully written. I’m trying to get a better grasp of how the glands work. And how the brain is represented in the iris . This article has helped me to better understand.

New At This on Jan 24, '17

Coral Caudle, what is best way to start cleaning my lymph glands? Im thinking one, not too strong tincture.

Linda on Jan 23, '17

Patty this article is very helpful and encourages me to continue the journey to Healthville.

Kathy on Jan 19, '17

Wonderful article. Hope to be working with you soon as you have an opening!

Coral Caudle on Jan 19, '17

As long as I’ve been doing this (13 years) it amazes me how much I’m still learning. Thank you so much Patty

CHARMAINE on Jan 19, '17

Hi what is dry fasting

Velda on Jan 19, '17

Thank you Patty for taking the time to write this very informative article. I hope you continue doing this. I have been trying for a year to get some sediment in my urine. I will keep trying. I eat lots of fruit and am taking Dr Morse’s herb’s again.

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