So Coconut Oil is Actually Really, Really Bad for You

Jun 26, '1717 comments

…you’ve probably heard this making the rounds on the newswires lately.  And it has to be true, because it’s being reported on “science” sites, right?  But these conclusions are being brought to you by the same people (the American Heart Association)  who said for years that salt increases heart disease and plasticizers in margarine are perfectly fine to consume.  The problem is that science is not impervious to being bought and paid for.

The AHA’s list of “accomplishments” shows them to be not much more than a lobbyist group at best, or a full on propaganda mill at worst, whose recommendations always seem to go back to three things:

  1. Take statin drugs.
  2. Consume vegetable oils.
  3. Eat AHA approved products (which vilify any foods that surpass what they deem healthy thresholds for sugars, fats, or calories without any regard for actual nutritional content).

See why the AHA can be equated to a terrorist organization (and why their claims about coconut oil are completely wrong) by clicking here, and if the link does not work you can find this in our Articles & Research section by clicking here.

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ces on Apr 6, '18

I think , next time The AHA is going to imply that old age is bad for our health too

Kathy Frederick on Jul 24, '17

Man, YOU are on the warpath. I’m praying for you, Dr Morse, for your safety!

Jack from Bean-town on Jul 5, '17

I don’t watch TV anymore either .Watch Rawb Wild on u tube he’s the next up and coming GREAT healer .

Jennifer Harder on Jun 29, '17

Theres a great video on that explains why coconut oil is bad. Even Dr’s. Neal Barnard, Caldwell Esselstyn, Klapper and others say to stay away from coconut oil.

barbara royce on Jun 28, '17

Thank you for this

Christine Boyle on Jun 27, '17

Dr Morse, I stopped watching TV when I started watching YOU! U-tube RAWKS! I love you ❤️

Tom on Jun 27, '17

What about the difference between eating raw coconut meat and eating coconut oil out of a jar from the store? Hasn’t the oil in the jar been heat processed and will therefore have
detrimental effects on your health?
And what about the meat from “young coconuts” meaning immature ones with meat that is soft and easily scooped out of the nut?
Is that type of meat as beneficial as the mature meat?

Margo on Jun 27, '17

I take 2 Tbsp coconut oil, organic, per day, for about 6 months now. i have bladder irritation, probably what the medical field would call interstitial cystitis, avoiding them, and the coconut oil greatly relives the symptoms. I’m also on 90% fruits and vegetables, and also raw.

Samantha on Jun 27, '17

YAYYYYYY!!!!! Thank you!!!! Truth always sounds so sweet!!!! It’s so RARE today!!!!

cullen smith on Jun 27, '17

love you guys. i dont know about the AHA, but its a proven fact of mechanistic data and evidence based trials by great whole foods plant based physicians like Dr Coldwell Esselstyn and Dr Neal Barnard that ALL OILS, as well as any compound or nutrient isolated from its whole food synergy is harmfull. Dr Esselstyns oil free whole food vegan protocol is to date the ONLY diet that has been proven to repair artery myocardial infarction. documented in Forks Over Knives. ALL OILS including coconut oil with its high saturated fat and cholesterol is damaging to the endothelial cells.
its not a health food whatsoever. seriously, what do we NEED coconut oil for?

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