Short Scoop on Big Videos

Short Scoop on Big Videos

Feb 21, '22

We wanted to take a moment and remind everyone that Dr. Morse has launched his new video platform: Dr. Morse TV! On this platform he is able to post uncut, uncensored videos; just raw TRUTH.

We are still uploading videos to YouTube, however some of you may have noticed many videos are much shorter or appear truncated. They are! This is because the videos contained discussion of topics that lead to censoring and/or shadow-banning on YouTube. So only the “washed” version appears there.  The full videos can be found on Dr. Morse TV.

Besides Dr. Morse’s Q&A, Dr. Morse TV features a robust library of special topics, as well as videos on Iridology, Spirituality, Case Studies, and much more!

So if you haven’t already, hop on over to Dr. Morse TV and subscribe to receive email notifications when new videos are posted!

Click here to go to Dr. Morse TV NOW!

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