Resources for Resisting Mandates

Resources for Resisting Mandates

Sep 10, '21

Hello Everyone,

Many of you have written in requesting exemptions for masks and/or vaccines, or information on how to go about obtaining one, or asking what to do if your workplace or school mandates them. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide exemptions, however we have some links below that we hope will help.

During times like these it is important to network and make connections.  Understanding that you are not alone in standing up for your rights is vital to resisting the loss of freedom and sovereignty currently taking place. Never has it been more crucial to stand up and push back, and we hope the resources below will help you to do so.

Stand For Health Freedom Director and Co-Founder interviews civil rights attorney Brian Festa and discusses securing effective exemptions for your school or work, success stories, and how to stay in touch with the health movement through Stand for Health Freedom and We the Patriots USA.

Watch the Interview Here

Visit We the Patriots USA

Besides the Constitution and exemptions, you can use the most powerful weapon of all—your voice. Please consider adding your voice to Stand for Health Freedom’s petition to say NO to Mandatory Vaccines by clicking here.

Another great resource is Make Americans Free Again.  Providing valuable connections to legal resources and a treasure trove of homeschooling assistance for those with children facing forced masking and/or vaccination. 

Visit Make Americans Free Again

Finally, we’d like to share this important video that discusses what the “vaccine” really is, what it does (and does not do) according to its design. Click here to watch the video.

We hope everyone has a great weekend! Stand up, stand strong, and we will continue to share information and resources as they become available.

In Health and Sovereignty,

Dr. Morse and the Health Club Staff

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