Q&Q - 492 - Fall from 12 meters, Spinal Cord Issues, Tumors

Feb 25, '19

23:50– Sara - I've had 8.5 months of heavy investigation into healing and and in search of "wellville" following the work accident of my spouse, the father of our two beautiful kids. He fell from the height of 12meters with a fellow climber while constructing a wind mast. He suffered multiple fractures, from his leg up to his jaw and ending with a severe traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for two weeks when the doctor told me he would most likely never wake up again, and that if he did he would most likely be "a vegetable". I knew that was not the case. I had been furious that this sort of information was giving to me with such little thought. He opened his eyes the next day, and has slowly but steadily improved ever since. He is currently undergoing inpatient rehabilitation.

01:00:420 Vageesh - I'm Vageesh, age 25 years from India. Since November 2011, I'm suffering from some spinal cord problem which suddenly showed its symptoms and left me paralyzed neck down within an hour. So am bedridden since last 7 years. Along with my four limbs, my bladder and bowel movement are also af f ected. Though I've regained some movement in my upper limbs, but there's no voluntary movement in my lower limbs. I'm using balloon catheter for urine drainage and a suppository daily for bowel movement.Later in December 2011, I was also diagnosed with deep vein thrombosis in my left thigh, which resulted in pulmonary embolism at that time. I take anticoagulant to keep the blood consistency in balance and to avoid further clot formation.

01:16:35- Hi Dr M. I just started watching your channel and I'm convinced you are the answer to my prayers. I've got hundreds of tumors that I believe are on my Vagus nerve. They're shaped in grape like clusters and compress the nerves. They are supposedly either nuerofibromas or schwannomas but without removing them, there is no way to tell (they tell me?). They will only continue to get worse. The number one symptom is pain. I'm ALWAYS in pain. I'm only 38 and this has been ongoing for 5+ years with the pain increasing each. I've got a five year old daughter who has only known me to be sick. I'm so tired of watching her grow up from bed. From what I gather listening to your you tube lectures, I desperately need to cleanse my lymphatic system. I'm permanently disabled so I'm financially struggling already. Please give me guidance. Please help me and my family. My 70 year old mother is raising a five year old.

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