Q&A - 491 - HIV/HEP C, Spinal Syrinx, Hydrocephalus, Paralyzed, Brain Mass

Feb 25, '19

11:02– Michele - I live on the Canary islands on a permaculture farm . I've been raped 37 years ago and later in hospital infected with HIV and Help C. The men infected me amongst other things with the HPV Virus which quickly developed into vulvacancer. I've had skin of my labia removed three times. I will not have another of these operations. But my skin is getting really bad, affecting my sense of being a woman or even having the confidence to have a life partner. I've got rid of the Hep C virus with a strong kinda chemotherapy 10 years ago. The year after that treatment my heart started to hurt and I had three stents and several dilatations in the arteries of my heart between 2009 and 2014. They diagnosed me over the years with fybromyalgia, polyneuropathy, boneless, chronic bronchitis.

31:42– Bobby - I have a spinal syrinx Doctor said i have a blockage of spinal fluid 6" long in the spine and wondering the best way to break this up.? is there any other therapy besides neurolymphatic point massage that i cando? I also have high Homosystin levels and high blood pressure also have and had hair loss in scalp and have severe left kidney pain and lower back pain. My legs are so soar i can barely stand up. I feel so weak also At around 6pm I sometimes feel worse at sundown and have throat closing over feeling and nausea They test my blood over and over many Medical Doctors reviews of blood none gave an answer to my underlying condition Also one doctor but one said "just move on" its no big deal Move on The other said they dont think it has to do with my spinesyrinks and its autoimmune maybe What is Syrinx Cyst?

45:00– Alexia - My daughter, Freya is 10 months old and being monitored for hydrocephalus. If this gets worse the doctor will want to put a shunt in her head. She is breastfed and barely starting to eat fruit. What can I do to help her? (We have been doing lymphatic drainage massage & detox baths. She also sweats A LOT.) BACKSTORY: Freya was born at home with no medications & is vaccine free. Unfortunately, she got bacterial meningitis from GBS 6 days later. The hospital treated her with 3 weeks of antibiotics and other medications followed that. It was months later during an MRI where the doctors found out she had hydrocephalus…

01:01:43– Ronell - I am a 29 year old male who was very active and athletic until i was completely paralyzed by a bullet. The neurosurgeon told me that the bullet didnt even touch my spinal cord but wiped out the artery at the tll vertebrae that feeds the spinal cord and shattered the tll vertebrae.

01:07:41– y.a.a.d.621.621 - I am a young man, 22 years old, who was injured by a two-and­ a-half-year-old bullet. The injury caused spinal cord injury. I have almost quadriplegia.I seek treatment for my injury. Is there a cure?

01:13:52– Charles - I was recently diagnosed with a brain mass, I have Neurofibromatosis Type 1 (I have several hundred small tumors on my body) and I also have epilepsy. Would an herbal/fruit detox be the appropriate step? I take Keppra for the seizures. I'm concerned that because of the number of tumors I have (especially the one in the brain) that once I begin the detox and they begin to inflame, those toxins within the tumors will release into the bloodstream.

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