Q&A - 489 - Scoliosis, Leaking Heart Valve, Chemo and Radiotherapy at 8, Colon Cancer.

Feb 25, '19

26:44– Marsha - I am 48 years old. I have been through hell and high water with allopathic doctors. Many surgeries. Many diagnoses. Many medications. I have never been blessed with good health and have struggled all of my life with just trying to feel good enough to function. I have a slight scoliosis in my upper back, a c curve between my shoulder blades that causes me a lot of grief every day. A naturopathic doctor helped me many years ago with my pancreas because I used to pass out occasionally from what I ate. Point is, yes I am not blessed with a healthy body, but I am a fighter and I keep fighting allopathic doctors because whatever is wrong with me at the time, they have always, always, always made everything worse! I have tried many, many natural or holistic ways to heal my body on my own. I finally kicked depressions ass to the curb with the master cleanse. That was a true turn around in my health

56:26– Adi - My nephew was just diagnosed with leaking heart valve. The doctors told us that there is nothing to do because he was born with it. My question to you is if it's curable? I want to know if the heart can repair itself even though he was born like that (congenital defect) and it's not something that developed during his life

01:00:36– Jérôme - Hello the team! I'm Belgian, 29 years old, and I had a chemo and radiotherapy when I was 8. I began to change food about a year ago, now 2 months only fruits. I took a lot of herbs to heal my kidneys (Regenerescence, Thierry Casasnovas' herbs in France), like 10 cures of only this mix, but I can't see result. I'm wondering if it's the good way. My creatine doesn't move, at 1.30. Still any sediments in my urine, my tension (blood pressure) was at 14/9, (140/90) now it's 10/8.5, (100/85) and I begin to be tired.

01:08:03– Samuel - My mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. Had the tumor removed. Six months later large polyps have formed. Have heard fruit feeds cancer or tumors. Am very confused. Please help. Trying to break the mechanism in her body that keeps making these polyps which eventually turn malignant.

01:13:52– Vlad - My name is Vlad, I am 26 years old and I was diagnosed with MGUS (pre-myeloma or so}, and my doctor told me I should go for regular check-ups every 3 months and see whether it's advancing or not. It is quite difficult having to wait and do nothing about it. Is there any chance you could talk a little about this illness and whether or not there is a diet or supplements or something else that are likely to slow down the progression of the disease?

01:16:30– Cathy - My mother had breast cancer stage 3 and tumor was removed with no cancer in her lymph. She is now awaiting radiotherapy and has been told she will be put on Tamoxifen for 5 years! We are really concerned about this drug. Can you confirm the best herbs for her to be taking instead or best alternative?

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