Q&A - 485 - Dialysis, Detoxification, Orgonite, Group B Strep

Oct 12, '18

10:57- My friend is on dialysis for 10 years, he is already on a 5- month-long diet (100% fruit, sometimes green juice). I know that you probably have thousands of such inquiries, but he told me today that he already wants to die 10 years dialysis. We do such an experiment: he proposed 3 days of dry fasting (with kidney 4 night liquids and others), 1 day of fruit irrigation with tinctures plus lymph and renal capsules and anti-parasitic and three days dry.

23:01– Mitch - can you please give your opinion of phase 1 & phase 2 detoxification and if current science supports your understanding of phase 1 enzymes & bio-transformation, as well as phase 2 conjugation reactions, and whether this is something you take in to consideration when detoxifying people, or do you have a different view point? I ask primarily because I have talked to a lot of people who go straight in to juice or water fasting (I have had an adverse experience before too), and had such high toxic load, with such poor liver function, that an aggressive attempt to detoxify has made things worse by not being able to have toxins become water soluble and be excreted, thus making things worse and I suppose in a grand sense, auto-intoxicating the body."…

45:37– Trish - I recently came across the subject "ORGONITE"... It is my understanding, that this is used to balance and organize the magnetic properties of the body and has the same energetic property of our planet?!!...

57:16– Louise - I have a question about Group B strep during pregnancy and birth. When you show as positive for group strep b in pregnancy they recommend antibiotics during labor. I had my baby (I wasn't tested) but my baby contracted Group B strep during the birth and ended up very sick with sepsis, pneumonia (antibiotics, morphine - everything I didn't want for her) but thankfully she is a fighter and made it . How could this have been prevented? They said that if I have another baby the risk is higher.

01:12:39– Dan - Wanted to find out more about HIV. I have just found out a nephew of mine who is 21 years old being diagnosed with HIV. Our family is devastat ed. I have just recently been watching your videos and I find your information very EYE opening. Its like having a blindfold and now I can see. Having said that I wanted to find out what advice would you give someone or what should he starts doing to give himself a better chance at life.

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