Q&A - 484 - Lemons, Topical Steroid Withdrawal, Male Pattern Baldness

Oct 12, '18

03-:08 – Shaunto - I recently got talking to someone on a Facebook page who came up with what i thought was a good theory. i asked if i could copy and paste it so here it is. "The reason lemons are the number one detoxifier is because they have the most acid which in turn goes into the body and dissolves all the fats and calcification which is alkaline." he was basically saying that the acid ash theory is wrong and that its the acids that are doing the cleaning. whats your take on this?

10:50– Maryam - I'm currently suffering from Topical Steroid withdrawal I stopped in Sept 2017 and then broke out in a huge flare in December and lost both my jobs been unemployed since Applying for disability since they said it can take a couple to 5 years to get better. I've had eczema since I was born and have been on and off topical steroids since I was a baby . I decided to get off of them because they stopped working and my skin was getting even itchier. Also have lots of candida couldn't seem to eat anything without itching including veggies, bad gas with everything I eat . I Can't get out of bed and my skin is a huge oozing flaking Mess even water hurts my skin so working out and sauna are working for me . My bowels are never consistent . I get a weird smell off my skin too and my sleep is up and down lots of waking up in the middle of the night always craving salts and meat but staying on the diet best I can. Getting in acupuncture and lymphatic massages this next week since my insurance covers it. I don't have funds to get on any herbals but know I need to get started on them was wondering if you can assist me in the right direction thank you so much.

24:23– Keith - I'm 48 yrs old and have been plant based, mostly fruit now for 2 yrs. I no longer need any medications for high blood pressure and proton pump inhibit ors for GERO that I was taking for 25 years. I also no longer have high cholesterol and blood sugar and I lost 6Slbs in one year with just changing my diet. I had to find a natural route for my enlarged prostate…

28:53– Randy - How is it that I reverse male pattern baldness? What are the steps that I need to take? Please let me know and I appreciate all the help that you can give me on this matt er.

35:45– Patrick - Hello Dr Morse, I'm a young man, and these papule things seem to have gotten worse and more noticeable within a few months, I never used to be able to see them, as a young man this is REALLY effecting my confidence, is it true that only lazer surgery can correct them? Can you brake down what it is in a more specific way? It's making me extremely self conscious and I can't afford the £1000 treatment for it.

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