Q&A - 483 - Acne, Lyme Disease, Charcot Marie Tooth

Oct 12, '18

05:56– Hazel - Thank you very much for helping us and telling the truth about the causes of the diseases in our bodies. I know you talked about this topic a lot and I watched every single video of yours but I want to know a few things. It's about my acne I got a year ago. It just came one day and never stopped. When I thought about it a lot what could be the cause I find out actually I got the acne right after I had sex the first time. But why? Can you maybe tell me?

20:00– Unknown - I have been listening to you for a few years now and I love you and love what you teach, and I also believe what you say and teach. I was diagnosed with Lyme over 2 years ago but have had the symptoms for over 15 years. I'm 48 years "young" ...but feel like I'm 75 years "old". I was doing great on fruit with a yam and veggie meal for supper and then I broke a tooth. Didn't get it dealt with right away and ended up with an infection. Every time I've eaten fruit since my teeth scream like crazy and my neck and jaw and head feel "full"…

1:05:23– Yoann - I am trying to cure from a neuromuscular disease named Charcot Marie Tooth, link to Chromosome X and Conexine 32, which was declared when I was 12 years old. I'm now 41. I'd like you to help to settle a cure protocole. I am confident in getting rid of the disease but I need your help. It's been a couple of months since I have changed my nutritional habits by eating fruits and raw/cooked vegetables.

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