Q&A - 482 - Hormonal Birth Control, Stage 2 Kidney Cancer.

Oct 12, '181 comment

05:21– Suzanne - I am 27 and stopped taking hormonal birth control a couple years ago. I am hoping you can help me and the other ladies out there who love your videos and tell us of a safe herbal form of birth control?? You mentioned creating one to have in your store in one of your early videos but I haven't seen one yet. Could you tell us what we could use? Maybe one herb/herbal combination for monthly preventive birth control and one for safe early abortion? In terms of my health, I have been on a vegan diet since last summer, mainly gluten free. Bacterial overgrowth/fungus for sure. Heart murmur and maybe arrhythmia. Lots of mucus my whole life and the mucus that comes out of my nose has been yellow/green for the past couple years. Post nasal drip. I suspect I have hypothyroid and am cold all the time.

37:27– David - My friend Stefan Ski recommended your advice . My mom has stage 2 cancer in the kidney. He said you have a great kidney detox program? Would you be kind enough to send it over please? My parents are very conventional and will not listen to me about NOT doing chemo. I have tried to talk to them about holistic options. My 2 sisters are RNs, and they are agreeing with the chemo. She will have to do chemo for 8-12 weeks.

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Victoria Jocko on Oct 12, '19

If you could explain some of the risks involved, I may be willing to be a test subject. I am very interested in herbal contraceptives!

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