Q&A 475 - Handling Detox, Blood Pressure, Dermatographism, Car Accident.

Oct 9, '18

00:56 - Article submitted by Logan - Alternative medicine double risk pf cancer patients dying - study.

15:15 - Rapunzel - Could you confirm/explain and helpful hints on handling the detox cold and flu-like symptoms while working a full-time job without slowing down the detox? Is there any slight difference in detox symptoms versus cold/flu symptoms so that one could know that oneself is detoxing and just didn't catch a cold or was run down during the detox…

45:29 - I'm 20 years old and for some reason my blood pressure is having fluctuations sometimes it is as high as 150/90 and sometimes it is low. Feels like everything is like a roller coaster. Sometimes my mood is good and other times I'm depressed. Doc did a TSH test which came out with the value of 2.5 he said you're fine. Currently facing brain fog, anxiety and all kinds of depressive stuff. For some reason I'm loosing weight from body too. One thing which I Would like to mention is that sometimes my extremities are very cold but core body temp is more this goes in hand with the rise in blood pressure.

52:47 - Amandine - My son has dermatographism. I know thanks to your videos that it might be an immune system reaction. Could you tell me more please ? I am 100% convinced and applying a full fruit/veggie diet for me (raw as much as possible), but my husband is too addicted to meat and dairy. He also refuses that our son eat this way at 100%, and we cannot impose a diet at his daycare. Breakfast are fruit, snacks are dried fruits + fresh fruits, sometimes dinner are fruit too because my son is now addicted to fresh fruit (1 victory for me!) HELP ME convince my husband that it is the only way to cure my son's dermatographism !!!

01:01:16 - E - I just discovered you on YouTube a couple months ago. I have watched some of your videos and just blown away by all the awesome info. I am a 43 year old female and I was in a car accident, rear ended by a drunk driver over 2 years ago. I still suffer from upper back pain but the main problem is the MRI scan shows I have a nerve sheath tumor on my cervical spine between C3-C4 on left side. It's right next to the vertebral artery. My neurosurgeon suggested I do stereotactic radiation because the tumor is growing close to the spinal cord. He really doesn't want to do surgery because it's high risk. The radiation oncologist told me it would be reasonable to wait another year to see if the tumor has grown. She said if I experience pain, numbness or tingling then they would discuss moving forward with radiation. She doesn't want to start treatment yet because of my age. She indicated to me how sometimes radiation can trigger new cancer growth years later and since Schwannomas are usually slow growing benign tumors, she thinks I should wait…

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