Q&A - 474 - Acne, Stroke, Living with One Kidney, Hair Transplant/Balding

Oct 9, '18
05:38 - I am a 24 year old female with acne on my face, back and shoulders. My skin was clear before I went on the birth control pill at age 17, which I was only on for a few months. I also have very thin hair (both my parents have thick hair, so it's not genetic) My menstrual cycle is short and very painful. I was put on psych meds against my will from age 7 to 15 including topamax, lithium, abilify, seroquil and too many others to even remember. I was obese during this time and consumed a diet of mostly fried and processed meat. After getting myself off the drugs, I lost 100lbs, became anorexic and lost my menstrual cycle for three years. Today, I am a healthy weight (130lbs @ 5'3")but still have the issues I mentioned. Nothing very serious, but I'd like to take charge of my health while I still have youth on my side, before having children and before it gets more serious. 32:39: My question was : 'is it safe for a person to take upper circulation immediately after having a stroke with bleeding in the brain and when the parathyroid is low henve the weak connective tissue? Wouldn't a heavy flow of blood in the capillary cause them to break and hemorrhage again?
53:00 - Dawn - Could you please do an in-depth video on living with one kidney and adrenal? I truly believe in my heart that your protocol will and does work. However I have been struggling with it for over 5 years have spent thousands of dollars on herbs and consultations only to become discouraged and angry. I live in Michigan, had my kidney removed about 10-12 years ago due to kidney cancer. I currently I'm walking with a limp and loss of balance. Really need some help getting on compatible detox diet I have been unable to achieve any significant filtration. But I refuse to give up on this program cuz like I said I really believe it's the answer. Or maybe do you have someplace down there in Florida a person could come and stay to detox where the resources are readily available? I hope you're able to do it in depth video talking about what it's like living with one kidney and maybe in-depth diet suggestions other than just fruits Berry melons.
01:11:25 - Colleen - I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Stage 2, in some of my lymphs. The National Health Service (NHS) are pushing for a mastectomy, I am trying to do tamaxafin for a few months to shrink the lump while doing the grape/melon/berry fast.
01:15:25 - If I have a couple of tattoos does that make it impossible for me to full detox? Or what kind of negative effects do tattoos have?
01:16:24 - First I have to say that you are amazing! Thank you for giving me hope for healing my husband and for knowledge. If my mom was still physically here she would be so happy to know that we think on a higher level. My husband has cirrhosis stage 4 liver failure, 29 ys old. And we need a little help with liver regeneration…
01:27:58 - Raphael - I am 23 years old. I had a hair transplant in Dec. 2015, but my hair is still going away the same way before it. I have hair loss since I was 18. All the male people in my family are balding at the 20's. I am getting frustrated over it…

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