Q&A - 473 - Hair Loss, Tooth Decay, Extreme Edema, HIV, Depression

Oct 9, '18

02:34 - I've been having problems with hair loss and tooth decay. For about a year I followed a vegetarian, grain diet and ended up with these issues. I thought that anti-nutrients in the grain foods were causing the tooth decay so I switched to eating a lot of animal foods, this is when my hair loss began. So I visited a my German naturoathic doctor and he put me back on a fruits and vegetables based cleansing diet, which I was on before I swithed to the grain diet. He is an Iridologist and did an eye exam on me and saw that I had absorbtion problems and inflammation problems…

27:57 - Cayenne - My soul revels in immense gratitude to you for all your hard work, dedication, and passion to uplift a fallen humanity. I, too, would love to be of service and help others heal. I, however, realize the only way to do this is to heal myself, first. I come from a background of heavy drug abuse, mostly with stimulants (ADHD prescriptions). I have gotten off those deadly "medications" for almost a year now. I noticed after I quit smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and taking stimulants and completely turned my diet around to only fruits & veggies, my menstrual cycle has completely stopped -

40:02 - Steve - I was experiencing extreme edema in both legs ankles diagnosed with DVT, and prescribed blood thinner 18 months ago. Tried ketogenic diet past year and got significant relief but edema persists.and seems to be related most to diet. Very active 62 year old male. Exercise also provides significant relief. Came across your site , purchased Detox Miracle and am trying raw food diet, day #3. Edema flair up,irritability, moody, lack of concentration .could this be healing crisis,?...

45:08 - So I've tested myself after already a year now and it's 100% not HIV. At this point I feel much better than prior to knowing 100% whether or not I have and I was going crazy .. BUT I still feel like there's something wrong. The main and most important issue that is driving me crazy is the SOUND. Yes, the sounds that keep coming from my intestines. On my previous email I kept saying stomach but after you answered my email in the video , you made notice of that, is it really the stomach or below the stomach which are the intestines. So yes, it's indeed the intestines making the sound. Sometimes it's right above my pelvic area but sometimes it's on my left side below the rib.

54:31 - Hello, i am a 21 year old woman who ended a 5 year realtionship becuase i found out my boyfriend was "sleeping around" with multiple other woman. I found out a couple of months later that I had contracted genital herpes from my ex while he was sleeping around. I have been on a 80% fruit diet for about 7 months I have used the jevana detox teas for about 4 months and was wondering if there any thing else I can do to really kick this herpes virus out of me. I feel like I'm not getting there. I love your videos and I have heard you say that you can absolutely get rid of herpes in 4-6 month, I just want to know if I'm doing everything right. I have read alot online about how this can affect pregnancys and newborns.

01:03:53 - Namasthe Guruji.You got lots of fans in India.This is Shri ,33 male,6 feet tall,104 kgs of body weight, sedentary Lifestyle, 70% of my diet was indian non_veg curries,fast foods and white rice,My health issues are_ 1.varicose veins,My T3,T4,TSH are normal,2. burning sensation when I pass urine and stools but only when consuming spicy Indian foods, 3.a simple cyst of 1cm in my right kidney(2 years back i passed 1 cm kidney stone from right kidney through my urine using homeopathic and ayurvedic medicines, 4.tailbone pain after driving about 50 miles on my bike, 5. Lead toxicity,6.my Anti ccp was 2.23 OD ratio, 7. Muscle cramps under the left Rib cage when I suddenly laugh and mostly in cold weather,

01:26:14 - Sandy - I have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos, H-Pylori n I have had my gallbladder removed in 2001. I have been on a high protein, low carb diet with very little fruit if any due to being pre-diabetic. I haven't taken the meds for the pylori yet but I have started taking armour thyroid, (2 weeks), for the Hashimotos…

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