Q&A - 472 - Yeast Infection, Raynaud’s, Breathing Techniques, Cancer Returning.

Oct 9, '18

12:50 – Lily - A few years ago I got a yeast infection, it seemed to pass but still often reoccurs and hasn’t been the same down there.. Around that time I started getting acne, only very mild. The acne progressed and me not knowing about natural health at the time went on antibiotics. After 2 years of being on them I realised being on them wasn’t living in alignment with who I am and my beliefs for natural living and health. I came off them around 6months ago and my skin is at an all time low. Every square inch of my face is covered in acne and scars. I got an iridology scanning and show Sulfur, my eyes have had yellow around the pupil since I was a kid. I also have a a lot of digestive issues. I had anxiety and mild depression before the acne came back but now it’s debilitating and I’m even considering antidepressants because I don’t know what else to do. I know what I need to do to heal myself but everytime I try and go on a detox i always fall off. It’s almost like subconsciously I don’t want to heal, and that I want to suffer. Could emotional conflict with myself be an underlying cause of my issues ? Any tips to help get into a positive mindset to heal?

30:53 – Sue - I have had Raynaud’s for almost 20 years. I am currently detoxing with one of your specialists and wondering if you have ever 100% rid someone of this dis-ease. What strategies have you found to be most effective?

34:01 – Deltareum - We are both diabetics and we want to do your lymphatic cleanse to get rid of mucus, but we have a problem with eating fruit all day and protein at night. Is it OK to eat protein in the morning and fruits the rest of the day, or will this destroy the process?

38:57 – Florence - Please forgive my poor english, Im a french woman and I will try to explain simply the situation I am in. I know eating fully raw feels like being ALIVE, FINALLY but two years ago I got a parasite infection (giardiasis) during a trip in Africa. Since then my gut can't absorb properly which leads to many symptoms hard to live with. I have to say this little giardia is a great teacher to understand the body ! But whatever I try, even if I see improvment, I can't get rid off it. Please tell me what I need to do. Could it be helpfull to take goldenseal ? And is it safe while breastfeeding (my baby is five months)? Thank you in advance for your help. God bless you, your clinic and all your patients

42:45 – Gleb - What's your opinion on breathing techniques? Have you ever heard of Buteyko's method? The main idea of it is that a reduction of breath leads to a better oxygen saturation in blood, because of the Verigo-Bohr effect (less CO2 - less oxygen binds to hemoglobin). The most interesting point is when a patient increases CO2 in his blood he starts to experiencing detox symptoms in reverse but then goes to normal state. ( Sounds familiar to me ;) ) This method is primarily designed to cure such conditions as astma, hypertension, anxiety; tends to cure even cancer and diabetes. What are your thoughts on that?

53:51 – Sudhakar - want to know is healing is possible only if we eat raw food. Is it not possible if we eat healthy cooked food along with fruits and vegetables without animal products and your tinctures. I have 8 years boy with Autism, we couldn't live on raw food.

59:19 – Miranda - Having beaten left side breast cancer two years ago with no chemo and radiation it has returned in the lymph at the same side. My friend noticed these large black dots around the pupil in the colour part of my eye and when she pointed them out to me I remember someone mentioning them over two years ago when I was first sick. Are they an indicator of cancer or something I need to get out of my system that is contributing to the cancer and its return? I have just purchased weeks 1-8 of your herbs course and will buy weeks 9-14 when the time comes. I hope you can provide me with some insight to the connection if there is any plus some guidance on the steps I should take.

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