Q&A - 470- Behavior Problems, Cyst, Jaundice, Root Canal, Crohn's Disease.

Oct 9, '18

02-36 – Article – Scary News: Could Essential Oils Cause Cancer.

06:21 – “20 Years of behavior problems but he is currently in jail, and has had two other arrests. All related to his destructive behavior to property, his father’s home, hotel rooms, apartments and most recently to my home and his inability to get/keep jobs…”

28:01 – Traci – “I have a huge delimia. I went in for a simple blood test for an annual check up and found out that my live enzymes were elevated. After further testing of blood work, ultrasound, and an open MRI (with Gadolium contrast), it was found that I have a small liver cyst, 2cm hemangioma, & a growth that is 6.5 cm that is either an adenoma or FHN…”

45:18 – Roman – “What herbs will help with this? I was born with jaundice..does this have to do with liver or my pancreas.. I’ve been a vegan for 3 years now but haven’t took none of you herbs because of financial problems. I’ve seen some of your videos but haven’t’ seen nothing on the pancreas and what it does….”

51:22 - “I was a patient a couple years back, and I want Dr.Morse’s opinion on something. I had a root canal done 20 years ago, and I recently noticed in a dental X-ray that there is a screw where they put the crown. I want to know if I should have that tooth pulled since I heard root canals can lead to systemic issues and I already have autoimmune disorders as it is. I know it’s a decision I have to make, but I would like to know his opinion on root canals. Thanks for your time!”

56:46 – “I am a 29 old men, I am a model. My questions is : can I get a s stronger jawline on a fruitarian diet, because I don’t want to resort to the surgery as my staff told me? “

01:01:18 – Kyle – “Recently, I have seen a tremendous amount of kidney "filtration" when implementing dried dates & figs. However, while I would like to believe that this is indeed stagnant lymph, I have come across a lot of evidence that leads me to believe it is instead oxalate acid/crystals stemming from the high oxalic acid content in dried dates & figs. Is this real filtration or is this dangerous experimentation? I have seen many others experiment with these fruits and they seem to think it's filtration, as I did initially, however, now I'm not so sure. “

01:07:47 – “Hello from Greece, I thank God I found you. Ten years ago the doctors diagnosed that I have Crohn desease, during these years I took 3 "remedies" of Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) (remicade, humira, azathioprine). Since 2016, I stopped every medicine because I felt better, I had no more strictures in my large intestine. But unfortunately 3 months ago a new stricture of 17 cm was appeared and my doctor wanted me to have a surgery either I should take a new injection of mAbs! He is still waiting for me, because I found you. I am in a lot of pain all these months. I have already started eating fruits only, clementine’s and apples, I lost 5 kilos within 5 days I started and my bowel is still making noises and I feel pain. I drink Althea Tea or warm water with ginger and lemon. What would you recommend for my case, of your herbs? I want to order : Adrenal glands, Heal all blends, Lymphatic syst. V all in caps. Thank you very much , you are valuable to all of us, I wish you the best…”

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