Q&A 468 - Sensory Processing Disorder, Bursted Appendix, Baby Formula, Asthma, Candida.

Oct 9, '18

02:37 - Ali and Sarah – My girlfriend has SPD – Sensory Processing Disorder – She developed this disorder suddenly a year and so ago. She never had this growing up. She can’t stand certain sounds like S or T… It makes her feel like she is being tortured in her head. She also during this year began hearing voices. Because of these voices she is taking psychiatric drugs and anti-depressants which is not a very bad idea in my opinion…

22:20 – Michelle - My son recently had a "bursted" appendix. I've read many appendectomys are unnecessary, I felt a burst was necessary, i really hope i meade the correct decision. He had emergency laparoscopic surgery on sunday March 18th. A little over a week ago. While in the hospital we did as much as we could to avoid mote unnecessary toxins. Such as no red dye meds, no sugar IV fluids, etc. His surgery went well, he was released 5 days after surgery. Doctor was impressed with how fast and well he healed. Surgeon told me appendix isn't necessary, completely useless blah blah. He said his appendix burst because of extreme constipation. My son had never been constipated before this and even had a bowl movement before heading to the ER. Any thoughts on that are appreciated as well .although I'm grieving with the fact at only 4 years old he Doesn't have his appendix. I know detox will be hard without it and it's honestly gotten me shaken. I'm in search of protocol and healing after this trauma on him. He's been plant based since he was about 14 months old. He was vaccinated until 1 year old sadly. I'm really shocked this happened and I'm unsure how it even happened. Looking for any groups or books, anything I do to help his body go through this change of not having the helpful appendix anymore.

33:53 – Karen - 1. My 4 month old baby is being forced to be put on formula by the doctors and I am heartbroken.. I got a non-gmo soy formula instead of the dairy one they sent home with us but I still feel terrible about it but they are forcing us or threatening with admitting her to a hospital.. She is a little over 10 pounds, (looks healthy and ok to me and is smart) gained two ounces since less than a week when they weighed her at her 4 month check up and told us to bring her back for the second weigh-in. so they want us to start the formula and bring her again in two days for another weight check. I feel sick but don't know what to do. We were just starting to feed her food in addition to breastmilk but trying to do it slowly 2. Do vegetables that have seeds which are said to technically be fruits fall under your idea of ideal enough foods/fruits to be eaten at least somewhat regularly? So many vegetables that are supposed to actually be fruits are in this category such as cucumbers, squash, zucchini, okra, etc. 3. This is a list of amazing healing techniques and substances I was wondering if you have heard of or if you would research for yourself and possibly make a video about because I think they are among the best.

46:18 – Facundo – 3 yrs ago, I saw a hand doctor for a small lump in the palm of my hand and was diagnosed with Dupuytren’s disease in both hands and also Ledderhose disease in both arches of my feet. I received radiation therapy in both my hands and feet about 2 yrs ago. Therapy seemed to slowed/stopped progress for now.

49:12 – James - Hi Dr. Morse I'm a 72 year old jazz guitar player, I had asthma as a child it seemed to subside in my late teens. I was healthy until my 40's I fought with candida. Dr. Alan Gaby helped me through that. in my mid 60's I suffered with high blood pressure & macular degeneration. I tossed the sight in my right eye in about 8 years ago. I have been meat & dairy & grain free about 4 or 5 Months now.I'm now off my meds and things are much better. their is still a lot of phlegm coming up please help.

55:20 – John - I have a question the body and antibody testing. Once a virus or antigen is detoxed out of the body, do the antibodies start to detox out as well since they're proteins? And then would the body eventually STOP creating the antibodies or at least level out to a negative antibody reading if a test was done down the road? Just wondering how you know when something is gone and no longer affecting your health or transmittable.

58:12 – Dawn – Hi there I’m starting the detox but I’m also a fitness instructor using weights. Will I get enough protein to be able to teach?

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