Q&A - 466 - Colon Removed, Lightheaded, Throat Blister/Ulcer.

Oct 9, '18

12:21 – I was rushed to hospital for emergency surgery to have my entire colon removed. It was absolutely decimated and not able to be saved after months and months on fruit berries melons and Dr. Morse’s herbs. My surgeon said in 20 years she has never seen a colon so inflamed, thick, and found 3 small perforations protected by mucous…

40:10 - Okay, so it's kind of a long story but I'll be as brief as I can. My issues started in June of 2016. I'd start getting very nervous and afraid at traffic lights. I had never had any issues like the before. I felt helpless and didn't want to be the first car to stop at a major intersection. Then shortly after that, whenever I'd try to play basketball with my Nephew, I'd get lightheaded after about 15-20 minutes of playing. Then I'd have to sit down. After sitting I would be fine. These symptoms lasted until about September of 2016. They went away for about 8 months. They returned near June of this year and haven't left since. This time I'm bothered when I'm shopping. I'm not afraid of intersections anymore. When I'm shopping at a place like walmart, I get lightheaded, almost as if I'm going to faint then I have to hold on to my cart and leave the store. I'm bothered when I tilt my head certain ways, when I make sudden movements I'll get dizzy from time to time…

01:09:43 – Cara - I was born with brown eyes but I always had a dark yellow patch on the bottom of my right iris, and a smaller one, almost invisible in my left iris. My mum also has hazle eyes, but she has a larger patch, which is green, as well as my dad ect. I found out about subliminal audio a while ago and since I started it my patch as become larger and of a light greenish yellow. I recently started drinking more water as well as eating helthier and it has helped. Since I do not want to stop eating pizza, pasta, meat and all of that but want to lighten my eye color, what do you suggest?

01:13:36 – Gabrielle - I was a very sickly child, loaded with processed crap, antibiotics & antidepressants from the time I was 7. This severly damaged my digestive system, brain, adrenals etc. I have been practicing cellular detoxification using fruit & herbs for three years now. That time has consisted of herbal protocals, high fat low carb raw diet - mostly fruit & fruit juice, extended periods of juice & dry fasting etc. My lymph is moving & kidneys filter most of the time…

01:27:09 – Tyler - Hello Dr Morse I’m Tyler, 18 years old and have been watching videos of You and Dr Debi for a couple years now and someday hope to be one of your students as I have started saving for your classes as well as the plant based nutrition class from Cornell My goal is to get to the point of me being able to help people get to wellville as I have witnessed the super negative side effects of pharmaceuticals and how brainwashed people are into thinking they cure and not realizing they only suppress My question is what type of jobs can I exactly get with the type of certificates I’m aiming to get? Since the medical community is so blinded from the positive results of a whole plant based diet, I assume it would be kinda hard to get a job at a hospital as a nutritionist or even a doctors office

01:33:40 – Rytis - Please do a video on a topic "Organic fruits vs conventionally grown fruits"

01:38:10 – Ali - I would like to have some insight on which herbs and tenctures that i should order to fight chronic throat blister/ulcer and herpes type2.

01:43:18 – Brittainy - Hello Dr. Robert Morse and staff! My name is Brittainy. I'm currently checking out your YouTube channel and I'm loving the information. I plan to become a member Friday, that's when my payday is. I am a patient who is suffering from hepatitis b and my liver isn't doing well. Please respond, I would like more information about the help that is provided by you and you're staff

01:49:24 – Levi - Recently I am 100% raw, doing crazy amounts of citrus (up to 10 pounds of grapefruits JUICED a day). Tons and tons of herbal teas (up to a gallon or more) and using stuff like Psyllium and clays to pull on my GI tract. I also have 1 herb salad a day usually with soaked Sesame seeds or soaked almonds with some olive oil. I am also on a low dose of adrenal glandulars (been for a while now) and a parathyroid glandular. But I am feeling so low Dr Morse. I start thinking about dark matters of life and nihilistic thoughts. I feel lost. Why is this not working? I need it to so bad. I feel like I need to talk to you and you're one of the only people that can help me.

2:01:35 – Marion - How can I get my hair on my head and my eyebrows to grow back? My hair is thin and fine and I have lost a lot of it. My eyebrows are thin and sparse as well. I'm 58 years old and female small frame about 25 lbs overweight. I have Psoriasis, but I have it reduced to minimal amount on my elbows, biceps, knees and ears. I'm in menopause.

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