Q&A - 465 - Parkinson's to Frontotemporal Dementia, Enlarged Prostate

Oct 9, '18

00:49 – Article – Why Did Sterile Salt Water Become The IV Fluid Of Choice? 03-14- Being Blocked from the Facebook groups.

16:18 – Calum – Answered in Q&A 463 – Ever since I was a kid I had a lump in my throat and last night I came across some information and I now believe I have a thyroid goiter.

24:42 – Delphine - My father is 64 years old and he is sick for around 6 years now. The german doctors diagnosed him Parkinson, later on they changed to frontotemporal dementia. But my sister believes that he has lyme disease and parasites. He cannot walk properly anymore, nor talk, he is dizzy, sleepy and incontinent by now. My mother gives him a lot of meat, sugar and cooked food. Can he still recover at that state? What would you recommend, fruits and detox ? Maybe also a hydro colon therapy and antiparasitics?

34:46 – Hank - I had a prostatectomy on April 28, 2017 at the age of 64. They took out, by robotic surgery, my enlarged prostate (cancel cells in all segments) and 28 lymph nodes (3 had cancer cells). Several months later my( PSA test was 5.7. After an MRI, bone scan and pet scan they found 1 node that was slightly larger than when I had the previous scans/MRI before surgery and they found another node that was not seen on that scans/MRI but showed up on this one. I then met in December with a radiologiest and oncologist who diagnosed me with Stage 4 prostate cancer (Gleason score of 4+3 together with the 3 lymph nodes that has spread locally to the lymph nodes but not to any bone). I took another PSA test recently that read 4.9. After meeting with them, I started researching alternatives and saw one of Dr. Morse's video on youtube.

47:38 – Rahul - My dad has got a tumor in his left mid thigh, been diagnosed as a spindle cell sarcoma. The PET scan (report attached) shows that the sarcoma has spread into the lungs as well, although in a very small amount. The lung biopsy report confirmed it to be sarcoma. Anyway, we were put on a drug called Novartis 'Votrient 400 mg' x twice daily, which they call a Targeted Therapy medicine. No radiation or chemotherapy has been suggested at this point. The doctor has said that maybe after surgery we will do a little radiation. The surgery itself will be after observing the effect of Votrient for 2 months…

01:05:47 – Vincent - My question concerns my brothers son Léon. Léon is 7 months old and until now everything was fine. But some weeks ago, he started to have epileptic seizures. Doctors do of course not know what is happening and give him medication. In general, my brother and his wife give him aspirin and that kind of medication when he gots temperature ( he makes his teeth), he also eats meat and a lot of cooked vegetables, I am not quiet sure that he eats a lot of fruits. His mother does not nurse him anymore, but I presume that she must be a "acidic person" since she eats meat, cheese, industrial sugar, bread etc. Now Léon gets milk powder.

01:27:05 – I have a little bump on the back of my right ear what do you suggest I do?

01:31:47 – Sultana - I am 41 years with a history of CKD..now stage 4 with creatinine 6.5, high uric acid , urea. On hypothyroid medication for 10 years ( 100mcg). I don't want to get into the trap of allopathic medicine...dialysis or wa fever. I have high BP and joint pains are .y immediate concern . It advice please Secondly my sister has RA and most joints are deformed. Two of another sister's kids are autistic, one severely. Another sister has a daughter completely paralysed from the neck down and a young boy with cerebral palsy. Are these cases treatable by addressing lymph issues?

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