Q&A - 464 - New Organ Discovered, Facial and Body Hair, Dry Fast/Hypoglycemia

Oct 9, '18

01:36 – Article – Scientists say they've discovered a new human organ

23:14 – Alfred, the client who released the tumor out of his bowels has started spitting out bits of the tongue tumor in pieces over the last few days…

29:32 – Jennifer - I've been growing facial and body hair all over and it's just getting progressively worse. Recently, I did a full hormone blood test and it came back normal. The doctors don't know what's wrong with me. I did take a blood test back in 2011 that said I had issues with my adrenals. What herbs should I buy for idiopathic hirsutism? Please help! I don't know what else to do. It's been causing me extreme depression and anxiety.

38:54 – Eilite - is dry fasting safe for someone who is hypo glycemic? and by safe i mean that it won't harm any of the other organs. and by harm i mean, it won't put extra stress on any other body part. thank you and i love you.

41:52 – My dog has cancer I detox him and the tumor came out onto the skin. My holistic vet said it would be best to take it off as it was bleeding profusely…

57:35 – Marisa - I have recently gotten my allergies tested because of chronic breakouts on my face and body. It came back that I have a fruit intolerance. How do I heal this intolerance when I am so limited in only eating melons and tomatoes for fruit. Will I ever be able to overcome this fruit intolerance and if so how?

01:05:25 – Stievenard - I am a french naturopath; I absolutely search an information for my working graduation.I am sure that you have this information. I have not found it in your tools. It concerns the assimilation of fructose. Are there 2 paths? : one path is that Fructose is transformed in glucose by the liver (enzyms) but i am sure there is a second way : one direct absorption in cells...

01:18:54 – Vida – I have breast cancer in one breast but because I live in N Zealand in able to visit or purchase your herbs. I have kept it at bay for 4 years.

01:22:19 – Dina - I'm looking to get my 8 Amalgam fillings removed and have some questions about how to go about it the best way. I will be doing a grape juice fast with herbs catered to getting digestion and elimination and the endocrine system going. Would you suggest to have the fillings removed before, during or after the fast. Also would you recommend to have all of them removed in a short period of time or more spread out? I'm extremely grateful for your work and wish you a happy new year!

01:25:04 – Lori – I know Dr. Morse has talked about under-developed & sagging breasts but does that also go along with the shape of them?

01:39:25 – Melina - URGENT!!! I write for an 11-year-old boy who 2 years ago had an ear infection treated w/ antibiotics. The infection cleared, but pain inside the ear worsened to a debilitating level. He has been taken out of school already for one year, bedridden, CONSTANT PAIN that makes him 'madman' of the house. He has seen 15 ENTs and docs that find no physical problem + say cannot help him. The latest theory is that he has something similar to "phantom limb syndrome" and that his nervous system needs to be "retrained" with behavioral therapy. They've put him on 2 SSRIs and 1 to calm the nervous system. The meds make ALL TOUCH ON SKIN PAINFUL! HE cannot wear clothing, shoes, or socks...he has only adjusted with a thin bedsheet. IMPORTANT: He is ALLERGIC to apples + stone fruit.

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