Q&A - 463 - Tongue Tumor, Goiter, Overdeveloped Breasts, Kidneys

Oct 9, '18

05:41 - Cheyne- Case: I have a tumor on my tongue which has now made it difficult for me to eat and speak and even taste food at times. Parts of the tongue are hard, tongue sometimes bleeds when touched by hand or the teeth.

11:07 - Calum - Ever since I was a kid I have had a lump in my throat and last night I came across some information and I now believe I have a thyroid goiter…

17:43 - 15 year old is 4'8" tall with overdeveloped breasts. Uses Adrenal, Endocrine or Pituitary formulas and gains weight quickly, esp. around breasts and under chin. Also developed spider veins when using those 3.

30:50 - I need to know what I can eat to help my kidneys recover. I am at 8% according to my doctors. I'm confused as to what fruits to eat.

47:28 - Share - Primetime television show about the power of the human body and more specifically on the connection between the intestines and the brain.

1:06:05 - Liz - First I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the free advice and help you give by making these videos for all of us to learn, grow and heal. I have been watching all of your videos for the past 2 years and my health and the health of my family has dramatically improved. I went from having chronic yeast infections, BV and UTI's every month for 5 years straight after my second child was born (he is turning 8 on Christmas Day). My OB/GYN & PCP kept prescribing creams and even the flu pill for me. They also kept blaming my husband saying he must be passing it to me because I'm young and healthy and they can't find anything wrong so they prescribed the flu pill for him as well.

01:17:16 - Sofia - I'm looking for guidance, if you can give it. I'm 20 years old, consciously committing to life and healing. I have been suffering greatly with an intense depression. I also have many bad skin issues, fatigue, weakness, severe mental 'fogginess', dizzy spells/loss of vision when moving, poor balance, general pain and stiffness, thinness, painful periods. Thankfully I was brought up vegan, no vaccines or medications etc , until birth control at 16. There was a time when I was 12 when I accidentally drank a whole glass of kerosene, and I feel my health deteriorated after that point. I think the biggest factor in my health has been stressful environments. I am eating fruit, salads and nuts. How much do I need to eat to get necessary nutrients? I am told I'm underweight, and am mistaken for a child because of my size.

01:30:54 - Susan - Age 56 female. Just was told I was going to be die in a few years from cancer. Mets to Vertebrae is what they say I have from "untreated" Stage 2B breast cancer that was diagnosed in 12/2016. They say untreated because the don't consider holistic a treatment. I chose holistic and did an extreme detox I paid $4K for in Jan 2017. Lost all my body mass index from it. Went from BMI 18 to 14. Thought I had good anti-cancer activity. Lymph nodes and 1.6 cm tumor disappeared in 31 days. Now, T5 compression fracture on 12/2017 from heavy lifting and chiropractor laying on my chest. Went into ER for horrible chest pain on 12/8/2017 from the heavy lifting and chiropractor laying on me. They did CT Dye and MRI Spinal without dye. Told me T5 compression fracture and Mets to bone. They never reviewed my breast even though my beast is presenting with PASH.

01:41:21 - Sheila - I have ionic silver in my home. I got an infection in my eye and tried spraying ionic silver into it. I'm sure it was too much - It was a spray. I didn't see any improvement so I went to my doctor…

01:44:45 - I have a growing concern that's developed since I've learned of the fraud committed by brand names sold at Target, Walgreens and Walmart. These suppliers supplements did not actually contain the herb advertised on the bottles.

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