Q&A - 462- Low Mood, Eating Just Fruit, Heart Problems, Chest Injury.

Oct 9, '18

01:54 - I wanted to know if Dr. Morse has ever discussed on youtube the comment from people…We're all going to die sometime".

10:37 - Oli - I started the fruit diet about 3 months ago. Im 34 yo female, I've been working night shifts on and off for 10 years. I'm constantly tired and have a low mood and been feeling so for many years. Sleeping 10-12h daily but still tired. Been over emotional for all my life, had some bad depressions as well. Occasional migraines, painful periods, burping after all foods and even after just water, frequent urination, very low libido, both progesterone and estrogen much lower than a norm. Some spider veins, blemishes, cellulite, bruise easily…

37:30 - I have the book We Want To Live by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, great book. Aajonus says that eating fruit will cleanse the body, but eating fruit only will cause bones, teeth, nerves, and tissues to deteriorate, and also people on fruit diets only, lack focus and clarity and are excessively emotional.

39:47 - i really like your videos and what you do to help people. I am from Albania and have a question about my father, he is 66 years old and has heart problems throw the years, calcification of one valve and heart failure, aritmia and lung and legs edemas. He has difficulties of breathing and insomnia. Maybe he has stress too because of the loss of his son from stomach cancer 3 months ago. Doctor gave him antibiotics, diuretics and blood thinner and said maybe he need surgery of the heart…

49:05 - My daughter has high BP, high cholesterol fat LIVER… protein in urine. She is now eating raw vegan mostly.

53:17 - Liam - Just want to say thanks for all the help you give everyone. I am a 22 year old male farmer and 2 and a half years ago I injured my chest playing contact sport. I went to the doctor about 3 months later as the injury didn't heal. The doctor got x-rays done and nothing showed up so he told me that it was something i would probably just have to live with and to just take a pandol or nuronfen (ibuprofen) if the pain got to much. I played sport again the next year taking the pandol before most games which never really did anything. At the end of that year i went back to the doctor and this time he decided to sent me to a chest specialist who told me to take lyrica (pregabalin) as he thought i had a small crack in the cartridge near the manubriosternal joint going off a CT scan i had done. I didn't want to take the lyrica so i went to another specialist who gave me a Cortisone injection near the joint which helped for about 4 weeks before wearing off and making the pain come back much worse to the point i could barely get out of a chair. I then went to another specialist who got a MRI done which showed up that i had heavy inflammation in my manubriosternal joint. Cartilage, bone, joint tissue was all inflammed with a small amount of fluid in the joint.

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