Q&A - 459 - Cushing's Disease, Cysts, Molluscum Contagious

Oct 9, '18

01:46 - Jenni - I wanted to ask you your thoughts on Cushings disease. I have symptoms of this and even if it is cushings its still two fluids blood and lymph we need to make sure are clean right?

19:00 - MG - Yesterday something grow up on my neck. I was on USG ultrasound, and doctor said that it is cyst with some dense fluid. 60mm x 60mm x 20 mm, with no changes in tissue nearby. I feel good. I was given antibiotic but I didn't take and continue detoxification. Should I wait or go for operation to hospital?

25:53 - Leonard - I have had molluscum contagion for almost a year, any ideas to shake them. Seems like I can get rid of some but more keep coming back, please help I have tried some of your herbs and heal all tea and not having much luck.

32:35 - Paul - I have a friend who's very advanced Diabetic T2, plus other health issues.He is prone to hypo, diabetic comas and is lucky to be alive.Lowest his sugar has been is 0.7! He's sensitive to a lot of fruits causing spikes. Consuming slower releasing sugars for that steady release throughout the day. He has cut out foods like starch, rice, pastas. Not sure about meat/dairy though. What would you suggest? Would grazing on the less sensitive fruits be the way? and herbs? Adrenals

40:15 - Paul - Interesting case about a lady who had her Pituitary Stalk severed 8years ago during removal of tumour.No signals to other glands so is on synthetics. I mentioned your work and that their could possibley be a chance or regenerating that Stalk to the brain.She laugh at the thought of natural methods doing this and that her Pituitary gland is now probably shrunk so small. I said, never know unless you try, what have you got to lose?She got angry, so I said no more. Thoughts?

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