Q&A - 453 - Hormone Replacement Therapy, Herpes Zoster/Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, PTSD.

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01:46 – Keira – My spouse (who is a 25 year old transgender-woman MTF) & I are looking for non-animal based/preferably plant-based Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) option for her to take. Looking online there seems to be Tibolone a synthetic HRT, all others seem to be animal based. With all the serious side effects most animal base products seem to come with we are wondering if you have a recommendation on what we should be looking out for.

15:36 – Simon - Thankfully, I do not suffer from any medical conditions. However, I do wish I could do more to help others in sharing your teaching as clearly many are benefiting. I feel disappointed and frustrated with the amount of ignorance being shared in the modern medical industry. I'm wondering what your perspective is on the following: 1) What is worse, a lot of protein heavy foods or sugary snacks like chocolate, sweets, donuts, cakes etc? 2) How bad is working shifts on the body

22:05 – Rich - Just began your level one detoxification videos. I'm looking forward to resolving the situation I personally have. I had a 1992 herpes Zoster or Ramsay hunt syndrome. As a result of this which beat me up with meningitis encephalitis and bells palsy in my left side losing three nerves. As a result I lost my hearing in my left ear as the nerve was strangled. I am expecting to resolve my hearing loss overtime via the detoxification process that you're presenting….

38:10 – Leonard - I have had molluscum contagion for almost a year, any ideas to shake them.Seems like I can get rid of some but more keep coming back, please help. I have tried some of your herbs and heal all tea and not having much luck.

40:36 – Jesse - I am almost 2 years into topical steroid withdrawal and am absolutely miserable. I used topical steroids for about 20 years because that was what I was told to use for my severe eczema. I’ve spent thousands trying to get well, and I’ve read time and time again that the only thing to heal my skin is time. I’ve done so many diets…paleo, gaps, vegan, vegetarian, etc. I’ve done juicing and filtered water and bone broths and fermented foods and on and on and on…

01:01:13 – Kelesha - I have contracted genital herpes almost four years ago and since then it's been a struggle trying to find cures etc however I came across Dr sebi a year ago and watched so many Of his lecturers QED decided to change to a alkaline diet which helped with not having outbreaks while having them at different time's like if I take herbs like cascara or anything bitter but one thing is I get so constipated even with drinking a gallon of water a day and going on only a fruit diet then change to having a salad for dinner but still no change…

01:10:21 – Brittany - I am 32 and I was diagnosed with Crohn's at age 17. I have since had 9 surgeries to remove parts, correct fistulas, place drains in abscesses, etc. I have been looking for an alternative to my current regimen of IV chemo drugs every 6 weeks which (surprise, surprise) is only making me sicker. I am disappointed that I let my ignorance get me to this point, but I am ready to start the processes of healing my body to the best it can be in it's current mutilated state. My kidneys aren't functioning well, so will it be hard to go straight into fruit, berries and melons? My body is in a bad way after nearly 2 decades with Crohn's flares, prednisone, chemo drugs and having most of my colon and small intestine removed in 2010 (before I knew better and trusted butchers...err doctors to 'treat' me). I have severe dehydration from years of using the restroom 20+ times a day and no longer having a colon. I stopped urinating all together for nearly a year….

01:23:09 – Robert - Somebody broke in to my truck last March. I chased them down and caught them. He pulled a knife on me but I avoided injury. He was arrested then. A few weeks after this I started losing my voice. Struggling to pronounce words. Week by week it got worse and worse. First doctor told me it was a stroke, next doctor told me it was anxiety, final ENT told me it was 'muscle tension dysphonia'…

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Annette on Feb 13, '18

What is the point of posting these concerns of other people and not tell us what you prescribed for them

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