Q&A - 448 - Inter-perception, Fevers in Children, Diabetes/Endometriosis, Tourette Syndrome

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18:53 – Diana - I am inquiring on behalf of my Daughter who is 34. When She was 6 months old She had an emergency operation, I was told by the Surgeons it was called an "Inter-perception". Her intestines had wrapped around Her Appendics and they along with a lot of the intestines had become Gangoros.It is a miracle She lived. For about the last 10 or maybe more years She has been ok but with an extremely swollen belly and always feeling bloated.

27:29 – Maja - I would love for you to talk on high fevers in children. How high and for how long is it safe to let it run it's course? I have a 2.5y old daughter. She would rarely get sick, and when she does it's just a runny nose with low grade fever up to 102. She never had meds, and I never gave her fever reducers. Few months back we started a detox protocol along with the herbs. Working with Patty. My main concern is that she is tinier then most kids her age and very slowly gains weight. Her eyes are really dark brown so I can not take a good photo at this moment. But according to my eyes I have lymph stagnation all over, so probably she does too. I was tall till 7th grade and I have stopped growing, the same height since 5.4". My brother super tall 6.4". On her dad side they used to be tiny when little, he grow tall 6.1", but her aunt not so much. Question here if this weakness runs few generations before is it possible to reverse? Then to continue on the previous question. After 3-4months detoxing, we went back to introducing some cooked, mainly vegan food. Family is not so supportive so I had to balance things out. And she asks for their food, so it is a constant battle. Trying my best. I still give her lots of smoothies, and the herbs. She is now probably more sensitive to those foods as she got sick, twice in one month with fever of 102-105. She never had this high fever before. This would last 3-4 days. Usually if it goes too high it would come right back down to 102-103, but few times it wouldn't and she looked very miserable, so I gave her Motrin. In the4th day I gave in and we started antibiotics. She was on the herbs all these days, we did essential oils, ear candling, vitamin c, she barely ate, mainly wanted water. If she would eat it would be a smoothie. Didn't know what to do anymore and I got into the western medical fear. After 2 weeks there she is with the same symptoms and high fever again. This time also trying oregano oil and silver water. So how to detox her safe in those situations? Are antibiotics sometimes not avoidable?

01:00:51 – Shirley - I am not very familiar with you, but I was referred by a person who replied to a statement I made on a Facebook post regarding the cures for diseases. Discussion on how the cures are not forthcoming due to the Financial gain that so many investors have in the research, sales, and treatment of these diseases..... I made a comment about my diabetes (i am type I) my daughter who has Endometriosis, and my son has Tourette Syndrome. A man recommended I listen to you on You Tube, and so I did listen to 1 video. I liked what I heard and want to know more. What do you recommend I listen to or read up on according to your philosophy in order to get on the right track with these issues me and my two kids are dealing with? I am very interested to learn more and will be investing more time to listen to more....

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Great video as allways thank you

steven on Dec 29, '17

always like to be reminded how to look after myself

Bettina on Dec 18, '17


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