Q&A - 447 - Klebsiella Pneumonie, Omega Fats, Coconuts

Nov 30, '171 comment

00:53 – Andrea – My husband would like to know if there is a protocol for klebsiella pneumonie?

09:21 – Janelle - First of all, I am eternally grateful for all of the teaching and encouragement you give everyone for no payment. You are a blessing. My name is Janelle and I am a 53 yr. old female. My mother was raised on a reservation and the food they received was all commodities, dried or canned food. She passed away from Alzheimer’s. I also had my spleen removed at the age of 13 because it was "eating my platelets" according to doctor. I have been depressed since the age of 14. Have been antidepressants.

13:54 – Jimmy - I got a question from one who has been on only fruit for a couple of months..she said that she did a test of the omega fats 6 months ago and the ratio was 1,5:1 which they said was really good...now when she has been on fruit she did a new test and the omega 6 had risen to 6,7:1 how can that be? She feels good

19:13 – Michel – Could you kindly advise your stance on coconuts, especially fresh coconut, coconut oil and coconut water?

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Jenny on Dec 5, '17

8:27 Truth!

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