Q&A - 445 - Dermatological Problems, Conceiving, Protein in Urine

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02:19 – Laura – I am a nutritionist who can not seem to heal herself! In my life, I have a variety of dermatological problems; eczema, psoriasis, DH, and after 40 years of clean skin, now I have granuloma annulare…

18:22 – Maryam - I been watching you for very long but I never had the courage to contact you. My name is maryam I am 39 years old and I need your help. I been trying to conceive for the last 3&1/2 years I am refusing to go see a man or a woman with white robe, I mean doctors because I lost my faith in them since I lost my father in law because his kidneys had failed due to consume a lots of tables as he was a heart patient and then one issue after another till he die, which is very sad. I been researching reading watching your videos and I came to conclusions that yes I can heal my body and reverse whatever in there that's blocking me from conceiving and that's why I am contacting you because I know that you will guide me to right path. This is my symptoms: a lots of weight gain in very short time, loss of period for more then a year, anxiety, hot flashes, desire for sweet things even I never been like that, joint pain, feel ungrounded, light headed, tips of my fingers hurts, foggy brain, white hair, moodiness, anger from your saying I guess it can be a pituitary gland problem. By the way I smoke cannabis as well because I have insomnia and I think it help me but now it's giving more pain more anxiety and negative dark thoughts.

29:50 – Jenni - I have a question about my son joining the Navy , I'm concerned off all of the vaccination he will probably HAVE to have , Is there anything he can do to lighten the blow back on his body ? he is very thin and going to boot camp in Feb 2018 Thank you for all your kindness

34:48 – Soniya - My almost 10 year old son has been diagnosed with protein in his urine. We have done tons of urine tests, sometimes it's below normal level and sometimes a bit above normal. We have done ultra sounds, shows no issues. The doctor wants him to do kidney biopsy, so they can treat him properly. I would prefer a natural treatment. What would you recommend? He is a very active child...and has been vegetarian since birth. actually he was more of a vegan since birth..the past 2 years we have added eggs, because people keep telling us..we need to. So frustrated. Really need your help.

52:13 – Celestial Moon - Hello there! I am so blessed to have found you on youtube, sometimes I feel like I was led to you by a higher force! I am 29 year old female, 5'5 and 108 lbs. Since I found you I have increased my fruits, berries and melons, taken your herbs and tried a few 24 hour dry fasts. Been vegan for 2 years and have consumed a high fruit diet since January 2017 when I found you on YouTube, been fully fruitarian for more than a month now. My kidneys are starting to filter a little, they are stubborn though. I am trying to heal my long list of health problems, but what really concerns me is my head area. I have noticed the lymph nodes behind my ears or tonsil area are very big and hard, I have tried ear candling and it worked at first, they shrunk a little. But now if I do ear candling, it hurts my inner ears, my cheeks start to swell up…

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Nati Medina on Mar 19, '19

Hi Dr.Morse,
I started watching you YouTube videos and I’m in wow what does your product do. You are awesome. Well, I need your help of what herbs should I take to try to conceive. I have a cyst on my right ovary. My left ovary was removed and both of my thyroids was removed due to having cancer. I wish I knew all this that I can prevent surgery from taking your products. I’m on levothyroxine. Can you please help me. My husband and I we been trying to conceive. Thank you so much and God bless.

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