Q&A - 443 - HIV, Anemic, Prostate Cancer, WTC First Responder

Nov 30, '17

03:34 – Victor – Scared I might have HIV-Depression-Back Pain-White Gums – Yellow Skin...

29:00 – Deavonnie – My mother is going through excessive weight loss. She was 110 hundred and 10 pounds two months ago and is now only 94, at 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She’s very anemic, suffers from and abdominal aneurysm and have Lost one of her kidneys when she was a child…

40:40 – Rapunzel - dr. Morse says a raw diet is better then some cooked items. Like sweet potatoes, sprouted quinoa, sprouted brown rice, sprouted red rice, and wild rice. He does say sprouted is better and not. With all of them also then produce an alkaline ash after digestion?

54:30 - I have a question on behalf of my father in laws father he was operated last year due to prostate cancer and after they put him on chemotherapy and they want to put him on chemotherapy again what would you suggest he should do? He is in Costarica currently and I think he has been trying to reach you, I'm from Seattle wa, I had referred him to your website.

59:52 – Carolyn - He was a first responder at the WTC and spend many days down there inhaling all those fumes. Resulting to the loss of ½ of his lung capacity and the ability to perform his duties as a NYC Firefighter. At the young age of 52 he was put out of the job. The job he loved more than anything.  The Dr’s did nothing but put him on steroids, inhalers  and now he’s on olmesartan, bystolic, montelukast, roxane, synthroid, omeprazole, zydus,aspian, serevent, now they want to add another  for his arthritis…..

01:12:02 – Jasmine – What are your thoughts on the following products to restore the health of the body. Colostrum, turpentine, and enemas.

01:17:30 – Keely - I am very thankful for all your videos and everything you are doing to help people heal. I have been very sick for a long time and my lymph nodes are very swollen. I have no energy and I feel like I am not digesting any of the food I am eating. I have been taking a ton of digestive enzymes because I have been reading studies of how they can help digest food but I don't know if I am taking too much could they be making me worse? Do they stop natural production of enzymes? Thank you so much!

01:27:09 – I am trying to cure a debilitating case of chronic Epstein Barr Virus. Please help me.

01:28:07 – Atila - 10 days ago my father had a brain stroke. He has problems with his vision his left eye outward and seeing double images. He is disoriented, and as mentioned, seeing double images. He cannot open his eyes, just with his fingers. His islands are down. You have some advice what is doable at home?

01:35:03 – Jessica - my question is about being I need a fruit only diet during pregnancy. How do you get the required minerals like iodine I’m just fruit? Isn’t this an important thing for pregnant

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