Q&A - 442- Sulfer Baths, Oxalates, Pulsating Heart, Neck, & Head.

Nov 30, '17

07:30 – you indicated that in medical school, they studied primary prescriptive subjects. One of my cousins as an emergency room specialist and the other is a Walgreens pharmacist, the truth is more frightening. He actually received only one semester of pharmacology and rely on pharmaceutical salesman suggests the newest drugs.

16:45 – Susanne - hi, I have a client who is very sensitive to oxalates who wants to try the raw food diet and herbs but is concerned it will make her health worse. Have you come across this issue before?

26:23 – Chris - I’ve heard sulfur baths help people deal with pain. Before I recommend that to anyone I would like your opinion. It’s concerning to me because of sulfur Reed and Iridology.

35:25 – Joe - I just want you to know how helpful in healing your YouTube videos have been for me. Not only is the content exceptional and enlightening. Also, your high vibration and love is openly and genuinely expressed. I can listen to you endlessly. Your voice is so common and certain things that you say are super dear to me.

43:25 – Robin - I am writing because I have been trying to help a growing number of people here in orange county, Ca. with Dr. Morse’s program for Wellville. My own testimony is so huge because he year ago I could barely walk and today, at 68, I am back in the gym doing cardio dance…

01:06:16 – Pavel - My name is Pavel, I struggle with pulsating heart, neck, and head. I can always feel the heart pulse and it is so strong that it shakes me. For some reason taking a calcium supplement helps to subside it a bit, and unless I take that supplement I can’t even function. I experience memory problems, forgetting words that I want to say, and have hard time processing things sometimes, also I experience confusion at times.   I’m 25 years old I weigh only 125 and 5’8 tall. I can’t gain weight no matter how much I try. I also always have a bloated stomach, no matter what I eat, even if I stay off of dairy and meats. Please help in any way.

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