Q&A - 441- Kidney Failure, Coma, Dreaming, Alzheimer's

Nov 30, '17

05:51 – Michele – I’m a 3.5 year old, 107 lbs, 5ft 2.5 in female from New York City. At the age of 35 I had a kidney failure and a coma. I was treated with very high dose of the penicillin and developed lupus as a consequence, which was treated with an anti-malarial chloroquine (a very nasty drung) and many other meds. Was on a high dose of Prednisolone steroid for two years and had crushing’s syndrome side effects. As a side effect of all the meds, my gastrointestinal System was completely destroyed, had no digestion at all and was fed through an IV for a while…

15:38 – Michael - for one year and nine months many happenings in the evening. I have seen Fubbi Quanz 4x, Dr M 4x and another person kiss me. It brought me to tears of joys. My dreams are only getting stronger with the expression and vividness. From the sounds of dogs barking too floating, seeing people in the clouds and cities on the ocean. I would love a little guide in the right direction and would be willing to pay just for 10 minutes other phone talk…

23:04 - Immanuel - After watching a documentary called "What the Health," I heard that the majority of people diagnosed with Alzheimer's actually have dementia due to the clogging of blood vessels in the brain and nerve cells not getting enough oxygenated blood. I have a great aunt who's had "Alzheimer's" for about 6 years now. I believe she also has diabetes but I am not sure which type. Would you say that a plant-based diet could stop the progression of this disease and/or reverse it even? If so, what would you recommend she eat exactly?

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