Q&A 440 - Hurricane Update, Testicular Cancer Concerns, Hyperthyroidism

Nov 30, '17

03:52 – Dr. Morse was addressing a man with testicular cancer and advised him to get lymph node 5. My concern is that yesterday I was listening to another one of his recent videos where someone’s his kidneys weren’t filtering and have been on nodes 5….

11:11 – Brief article talk – Treatment May Help Effect Cancer – New Hope for Women Who Have Lost Lymph Nodes.

14:03 – A State of the art Biomat.

27:18 – Camellia - approximately 3 years ago my body began expressing chronic fatigue. I went to see my physician for the fatigue and a lump in my breast. A biopsy revealed that the 2cm. tumor in my breast was infiltrating ductal carcinoma. My physician attributed my extreme fatigue to the cancer; but I felt that this was only part of the reason for the fatigue which was having a significant impact on my life.

38:30 - Jessica - I’m 39 years old I was a vegetarian for about four years and more recently has become full vegan. My problem is, after my last (third) child was born in July 2014, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. They put me on Armour Thyroid. Then I start to get a knot in my neck, I go to the doctor and they say it’s nothing and send me home…

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