Q&A - 439 - Tonsil Cancer, Rib Pain, Itchy Skin

Nov 30, '17

03:12 – Carol – I have stage 4 tonsil cancer, and have been using various herbal supplements. I’d like to have a 14 week program drawn up for me, please, to help heal this, and reduce the obstruction from my throat if at all possible.

12:37 – Article – The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)

16:26 – Minnie – My name is Minnie, I’m a 61 year old female, 200lbs, 5’8”, with lots of health issues from eating the toxic average western diet. I’ve developed a bad pain under my rib area both front and back, which one day 2 years ago, turned into some kind of attack…

36:46 – Mike - My wife and I have been detoxing with fruit diet for about 5 months, and have taken many of your herbal products. I have had very positive results including a dramatic decrease in insulin which I need to take (I’m a type 1 diabetic) but my wife has had a major issue with unbearable itchy skin (which is driving her nuts) and has also developed dark blotches all over her body which is very scary. Can you please address these issues in your videos. Please explain why this is happening and what she can do to relieve the itchiness, and get rid of the dark blotches.

42:28 – Kendrick - Hello Dr. Morse! I'm excited about life! I'm very concerned for my friends and family. I try to tell them about you and send them your videos on the Lymphatic system. I'm 20 years old and I was told about you by my business partner. I really want to go to see you and get my eyes checked out. I have had  elbow surgery and knee surgery in the past year. I believe with regeneration I can get even stronger. I have been eating lots of fruit and organic. However it's difficult because I want to know what fruits are really necessary and I want to know what fruits do what and how much fruit you should eat to feed all these cells! Also with the herbs, is the FAB FOUR somewhere I should start? I eat fruits maybe 80% or more of my daily diet. However I eat some chicken, fries, sandwiches, etc. here and there. I have eye problems I know it, and my kidneys are not filtering, I have dark under eyes, I am balding heavily, I go to the sauna for 20+ minutes to detox, Im trying to be in wellville and be a JEDI! I really want to get advice. I have to much belief in the truth you speak. Look forward to hearing from you.

01:06:32 – Susanna - Your healing and spiritual teachings have empowered me to transform my life and reclaim my health. My deepest THANKS and LOVEto you. Words cannot fully convey the transformative impact your wisdom has had. I thank God/the Universe that you were given this gift/responsibility as your soul's mission. I am 23 years young, female, and from England. I remember the moment I was drawn to your first video on 'Everything you need to know about foods'. I felt as though I was reconnecting with a dear, beloved friend. My soul sparked, and I know I was aligned energetically to reconnect with you - I couldn't stop smiling. The above photo was taken the month I graduated and found the TRUTH in your words about health. 2017 is the year I decided to take the bull by the horns, take responsibility for myself, and ride the raw fruitarian bull. When I found you 2 years ago, I knew what you said was the TRUTH, but I was not yet fully spiritually ready and only began wearing the robe this year. I have been Raw, 98% FRUIT for over 5 months now. I feel like I am glowing sometimes and becoming more connected with GOD/the All.

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