Q&A - 437 - Hair Growth, P.T.S.D., Retinal Detachments, Scoliosis, Supplements for Children

Nov 30, '17

4:42 – Michelle – I think Dr. Morse is onto something he doesn’t realize lol. Taking his herbs this past year has made my hair grow so fast.

06:29 – Katrina -  Where should I begin? I am a 34 years young artist/musician on a huge journey. I have been diagnosed with P.T.S.D. from years of torment from a sociopath, have had two retinal detachments at age 17 and 21, scoliosis, thyroid issues, shoulder issues and more. The healing journey for me began with the misdiagnosis of  interstitial cystitis (IC), doctors gave me antibiotics for almost two whole years before they realized I didn't have a staff infection or U.T.I.  IC, I was told had no cure, that was no acceptable for my husband and I. We eventually found ozone therapy, that seemed to help, but, after two years it came back this January (or rather never left) We fought other battles as well, I developed H.E.L.L.P syndrome (hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, low platelet count) the morning after the birth via c- section (due to breech presentation) of our daughter. They almost lost me in a five day battle, where they were trying to force me to give horrible formula to our daughter. months later after being thoroughly investigated because we were refusing formula the IC symptoms came back. Stress was unbearable, they were threatening to take away our baby and finally found out she was tongue tied! She came back strong and is now a one year old raw loving baby! I have been working on protocols with the wonderful Marcie Troyer since April and switched to raw in February, it has been quite the experience. Adrenals were chronic, but, I had no idea!  I was a vegetarian for years, but, I wish I had known what dairy and grains were doing, that is where your book started all this.

01:13:35 – Diane - My grandson is 2 and half years old. He has always refused  fresh fruit apart from bananas but now refuses to eat them. His vegetable intake has also diminished as he is refusing to eat these a lot of the time.  His diet is pretty 'beige' at the moment and he has been unwell with a cough and runny nose for weeks. I am really worried as he is not eating a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables each day and wondered how to get him to eat more fruit and vegetables 'especially fruit' and if there is a natural organic vitamin and mineral supplement he could take that would help build up his immune system.

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