Q&A - 436 - Head Congestion, Premature Ovarian Failure, Mold Toxicity

Nov 30, '17

03:11- Richard - I agree with most of what you say, with a few major exceptions after many years of exploration myself. One thing I agree with is that cooked food is harmful in the long run. It even makes pets get human diseases. But now I'm really interested in how one builds muscle on a natural raw diet and I am looking for examples of people that have done it, and working on it myself. Antjuane is of course not one, but there may be some somewhere and I would really like to find out about them and communicate with them. I have no attraction to what raw paleo eaters have done, as I don't believe eating meat is a good idea. There is no doubt at all that eating meat, steamed vegetables and cooked rice/sweet potato has proven to get great results and produce incredible physiques, but probably leading to disease in the long run due to the cooked food and meat.

06:14 – June – I meditated on finding help regaining my heath and was led to your YouTbe videos. It has felt like a miracle for me. While watching the first video, I had this feeling that I knew you, and I kept asking myself over and over, where do I know him from? The feeling wouldn’t go away. I had to know where I knew you from…

38:23 – Emilie – I have done a lot of healing and changes since my last pregnancy and I am excited to finally be mostly raw. However my right eye still shows a lot of congestion in the head and ear. I am worried that I still have much cleaning to do in my head…

52:53- Danielle - I am 41 and I've had problems with my hormones and irregular periods for several years. I also have chronic pain, headaches, fatigue, etc. Early menopause runs in my family (mom & sister). I did high-fruit raw foods for years in the past and was much healthier (was even fruitarian for a couple years), but now I am only half to 2/3 raw for years. My period stopped almost a year ago, with menopause-range hormones. I know you've helped many women with fertility issues, but I wonder if you have helped any premature menopause/POF women reverse their situation?

01:06:22 – Eli - Dr. Morse, I've been following you for 6 years now, you are a wonderful soul and one of my favorite earthlings in the entire world. Unfortunately, I've been dealing with the same issues some issues that I am unable to rid of. Most prominent symptoms are derealization, anxiety, tension, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, white tongue, chronic fatigue and the list goes on. A fruit based diet has done great for me in regards to my energy levels, but the bloating and brain fog still remain. I am wondering if mycotoxins from mold in a chronically flooded basement can be the source of my issues. What is your viewpoint on mycotoxins and long term effect on the human body?

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