Q&A - 435 - Skin, Depression, Pituitary and Transverse Colon, Lipoedema

Nov 30, '17

01:27 – Mariola – “I'm 24 yo dealing with acne, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis on my face and a little bit of folliculitis on my scalp. I had taken Accutane 2 times for 3 years total for my acne. It cured me, but everything came back. I also had been taking antidepressants for almost 4 years when I was in highschool. During that period I was abusing my body of alcohol consumptions and smoking weed. When I went to college I had been under a constant stress. I had been suffering from anxiety etc.I am sure of that emotional stress is a big factor responsible for my issues. When I stopped taking antidepressants in my early 20s I was starting to develop gastrointestinal issues. Stomach cramps, gurgling, weird noises. The spectrum of my skin issues is so overwhelming to me that I am embarassed to leave my house and haven't left actually in almost a year. When I was 21 I had done a 18 day water fast which worked like a miracle, my skin was great like never before, I was feeling ecstatic, no anxiety whatsoever. It felt like if I was free of any alignments and healthy for the first time in a long time. Unfortunately that didn't last very long and my problems came back as soon as I started to reintroduce more foods to my diet.”

26:52 – Jan – “My story briefly: As a little kid I was pumped with antiobiotics, many time. Worst diet you can imagine (sugar soda all day every day, fast food…all that stuff) Swimming in chlorine swimming pool for many years (chlorine through skin= candida) At age of 8 a psychologist told my parents that my IQ is ok, but I have severe concentration problems, will never get through high school (finished bachelors, with great hardship though). Currently at the age of 28. At about age 12 a doctor found that my brain is clogged with uric acid (prescribed me a little diet and chlorella).”

52:49 – Myung –“ I got my thyroid removed 9 years ago and take Synthroid. The whole gland was removed. The medication gives me side effects like, foggy mind, low appetite, diarrhea, always cold, lack of sleep and others. Is there a natural way that I can treat my body without medications?”

58:23 – TJ – “You talk a lot about the pituitary and through iridology you can determine the state of that gland by looking at the transverse colon.  Here's the problem. I feel like I  cannot be helped because my intestines are malrotated, I was born that way.  There is no transverse ascending or descending colon. The large bowel is shoved over on the left side of the abdomen and small bowel on the right. The appendix was on the upper left side. How on earth can i know whats up with my pituitary if there's no transverse colon? Also...the Dr discovered this when did exploratory surgery. He thought my intestinal pain was appendicitis. When he opened me up he discovered the malrotation (which wasn't the cause of the pain). He also discovered a hernia in my small bowel which he fixed. While he was at it he removed my perfectly good appendix. Just for the heck of it. Since then I've had two surgeries to remove thick, dark, tenacious adhesions. There's so much of it that it fills my entire abdomen and weighs heavily on my intestines causing blockages and have come close to death.  I've been on the fruit detox two months and have had tremendous soreness in my abdomen but not the kind of pain that lands me in the ER. I'm going to remain hopeful and venture to say that the fruit is tearing it up. What are your suggestions to get rid of this huge burden once and for all? I live in fear of another surgery and the literal hellville of recovery. I started taking parathyroid and I'm presently on kit 1”…

01:18:35 – Linda –“ I have a friend who has Lipoedema and she just underwent surgery for that. The sergery took away most of her pain in the legs. And she has another sergery planned this autumn for her backside and arms. She says Lipoedema is uncurable an she thinks she knows everyting there is to know about the lymphsystem.”

01:39:39 – Wanda – “Stuff running out of head .Dear Dr Morse been following you for some time .did the 14 week portal call some better .then just recently went on another one under someone who trained under you did eye a logy. Did a 6 week grape fast within the third week ears started to drain then got real bad running down face back of head got soars in it and it also drained .this has been going on now for 3weeks depression has set in bad have other issues but this is the worse for me now please help me God bless and thank you”

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